On behalf of the Board and staff at VIM, I wish you a heartfelt holiday weekend. We hope that all VIM supporters, volunteers and friends are healthy and well. Although it will be difficult to social distance when everyone wants to be near their family and friends, let's have hope for a safe future and getting back to normalcy.

VIM is open, with a focus on telehealth services, to ensure our patients receive critical medical care and behavioral health services during this challenging time. We predict an influx of new patients in the coming months due to thousands of residents of Luzerne County losing their jobs, receiving unemployment compensation, small businesses closing and the loss of health insurances. Our doors will be open and our hands outreached to help our low income neighbors!

We thank all the friends, supporters and volunteers that have reached out to the staff at VIM to offer a helping hand and caring heart. Patients have also reached out to send best wishes and blessings. We miss the camaraderie of seeing everyone each and every day, but please know that our mission forges on and our patients continue to receive immediate, quality health care.

W armest Regards,

Kelly L. Ranieli
Executive Director
A Message from April Lennon,
Social Care Coordinator at VIM
April quickly set up a home office and learned about programs and platforms to provide counseling, mental health assessment, case management and resource allocation to registered patients and inquiries from new patients. Days have been exhausting and difficult but she continues to focus on helping low income families manage during this very challenging time. Below are some insight on what she is hearing and seeing from our community on a daily basis.
"As a result of the coronavirus pandemic there is currently an unemployment crisis. Our low income patients are unable to pay their bills. They do not have the luxury of a security net. They do not have an emergency fund for when their income is disrupted. Working paycheck to paycheck is their life which is causing a panic about their current financial situation. Some are nervous about their utilities being turned off. Some are concerned about feeding their families. All are concerned about contracting the virus. I provide resources to the local food distribution centers. I provide information about the pledge from utility companies. I advise per the CDC guidelines on how to stay safe. As I provide resources to families, I can hear the worry in their voices slightly fade. But just slightly...

My work brings thoughts, concerns, and questions about the mental health of our community. The people who have preexisting conditions just barely under control on a normal day are starting to unravel. I hear it in their voices during phone calls or see it on their faces during our video sessions. The uncertainty of circumstances creates vulnerability. There are more tears in counseling than experienced before this time. It is difficult not be able to provide a hug. I pull out my counseling toolbox and help them manage their covid-19 anxiety. "
Very soon...
We will be back to sharing smiles and long awaited hugs.
In the meantime, we are here for you!
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