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March 2015 

Do you know that the number one Holiday question we answer on the phone is:  "why does the joint of my big toe hurt?"  The answer might surprise you!  Read on.
We all know that a holiday meal can cause stomach upset...but did you know that it can also cause foot problems?

Did you ever get pain in your big toe joint after eating a STEAK? If you did you may be experiencing symptoms of Gout.  Yes, really.  
Gout is a form of arthritis in your body.  Abnormal Uric Acid levels that cause Gout are triggered by certain foods.  These foods are in a category called high purine foods and include lox, liver, sardines and red meat.  Alcoholic drinks and beer are another trigger.
Drinking 8-10 cups of water or cherry juice may alleviate symptoms. Surprisingly, low dose anti-inflammatory medication may worsen symptoms.  


So if you are eating a lot of meat over the holidays (particularly red meat, like a delicious brisket) or if you've had other gout attacks and you are in pain...this condition is NOT going to go away by itself. You need medical help.

Please come in and get yourself checked and receive proper medical treatment to handle this potentially serious problem.


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