A special thank you to
The Rev'd Willie Allen-Faiella, Rector of
St. Stephens Episcopal Church and Chair of Parish Finance& Assessment for the diocese for meeting with us to explain just what PF & A is, how to prepare for the meeting and how the diocese can help before, during and after the meeting.

Important things we learned from our conversation about
Parish Finance & Assessment:

  1. Parish Finance & Assessment is a recommending body and are there to HELP.
  2. Know your congregation's story. Write it down and make sure it is easy to share with the group-"What would your community be missing if your congregation was not there?
  3. Have your congregation's most current parochial report ready and verify it is correct.
  4. Have your congregation's most recent financial statements ready and verify they are correct.
  5. Money is available all year.
  6. Seek help early
  7. Mission congregations can apply for an $11,000.00 grant from property & loan
  8. Look to Episcopal Charities for help with money for mission
  9. Look to Property & Loan for help with building loans
  10. Tech Soup is a great resource for reduced price technology and training-contact Pam Hurd -pamhurd@gmail.com 

For the year 2022 assessments have all been reduced to 11.9% and hopefully, by the next year, they will be reduced to 10%~ What a blessing to all our congregations!

If you need HELP, please reach out to us
Rev Willie-revwaf@sseds.org (305)448-2601-Parish Finance & Assessment
Cris Valdes-cris@diosef.org-305-373-0881 #131-COO for the Diocese
Rev. Debra-downtime66@hotmail.com-305-743-6412-Congrgational Vitality
Jodi Gonzales-cddiosef@gmail.com-305-743-6412-Congregational Vitality

Email Congregation Vitality with any questions, concerns, ideas or to share what is working in your congregation.