Dear Mayflower Members and Friends,

It is with deep and profoundly mixed emotions, we write to share we have accepted a call to serve The House of Hope Presbyterian Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota as Co- Pastors/Head of Staff. The House of Hope was founded on Christmas Eve in 1855 and is a nationally recognized congregation in the Presbyterian Church.

In light of this decision there are four things we would like to express.

First, profound gratitude. In 2005, you extended a call to a curly haired 39-year-old with a wife who also happened to be an ordained pastor. We brought with us three small children with different colored hair – red, brunette and blond! You warmly welcomed our family into your hearts and helped raise our children to be faithful, thoughtful, and curious about the world. Ten years ago, you invited Lynn to join the Mayflower staff and have enthusiastically received and responded to our pastoral leadership. Together as a church family, we have grown Mayflower’s membership, balanced our budget the past eleven years, enhanced our church facility, navigated the retirements of long-standing church staff members, welcomed and launched Sudanese Grace Episcopal Church, and given away over $1.3 million dollars in Outreach.

This decision was made with prayerful discernment. After Halley was admitted to the
University of Michigan, we contemplated if we should stay in Grand Rapids until our eventual retirement. As alluring as such a thought was, we soon realized after fifteen years at 2345 Robinson Road, that choice did not best serve Mayflower or us. It is a cliché to say with new leadership arises new ideas and initiatives, but it is also true and with the exciting roadmap provided by Vision 2022, we know Mayflower will continue to sail boldly towards the horizon.

What is next? Our last day at Mayflower will be June 30th. Over the coming weeks we will work with the Church Council, Executive Committee, and Personnel Committee, to navigate a smooth transition as you prepare to welcome an Interim Pastor. In the coming months the Council will also embark on a period of congregational self-assessment and reflection as you move toward nominating a Pastoral Search Committee and calling a new Senior Pastor. You are a wonderful congregation and will attract many talented candidates.

Finally, we hope to express personally in the coming days and weeks our profound gratitude to each and every one of you in whatever means of communication our Covid-19 world provides. It has been a privilege of a lifetime to serve in your midst and to proclaim the spiritual truths that “the steadfast love of God surrounds you, the peace of Christ attends to you, and the Spirit will guide you now and forevermore.”

Mark and Lynn

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