From our board president, Doug Francis:

Family Promise friends,

As I attended the celebration for Day 4 Hope at the Van Wezel and listened to all the stories of how volunteers had extraordinary experiences helping those in need, I couldn't help but think of the countless hours Family Promise volunteers have spent making life easier for homeless children and their families.

A Family Promise volunteer from Siesta Key Chapel came up to me during the breakfast and was delighted to hear that we are working hard to restore the Family Promise ministry in Sarasota. I was surprised that she did not know of our intense effort to restore our affiliate here in Sarasota.

But then again, why would she know? We have been remiss in keeping you informed of our activities as a Board of Trustees and as a Recruitment Team.  

At present, we have reconstructed the Board of Trustees to 8 members, with a president, secretary and treasurer. We meet once a month to discuss our operations and finances. We will eventually build the Board to 12-15 members.

Most of our focus is recruitment of Host Congregations and Support Congregations. We have a Recruitment Team that has made over 75 calls on congregational leadership with the goal of 13 Host Congregations and at least 6-8 Support Congregations. 

We could use your help.

We are finding it challenging in some cases to help new congregations understand how Family Promise works and why it's such a valuable experience for volunteers, and we know that your experiences can be the best selling points. We would welcome any help or contacts you might be able to arrange for us.

And we also would be grateful if you'd share your experience: What would you tell a congregation considering joining Family Promise about why the experience is a valuable and manageable one for your faith community? We'd be so appreciative if you'd reply to this email with your thoughts.

Several churches and organizations have promised us time with their congregations and mission groups when their seasonal congregants return.  

We know that you are ready to help as soon as we can open our doors, and we take very seriously the responsibility to make that happen as soon as possible. We are working toward opening early in 2019, knowing that we might need to be flexible with that target. The important thing is that we have faith God will open that door for us, and when he does, we will ready to do his will.

Thank you for all the love and service you have given to homeless children and their families, and for the commitment to the Family Promise ministry. When we open, the Board of Trustees will give you all the support you need to make this ministry shine once again in Sarasota, because we know our homeless children and their families are counting on it.

May God bless you.

Doug Francis
President, Board of Trustees
Family Promise of Sarasota 
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