March 12, 2020

Dear CRMS Families, Students, Faculty, and Staff:

The CRMS administrative team continues to closely monitor the rapidly developing situation with the new coronavirus in the United States, internationally, and now in Aspen. We want you to know that we have taken a number of actions already – some that may be visible to you and others that are taking place behind the scenes. Plans are in place for several scenarios; as the situation continues to evolve, we are relying on the guidance we receive from state and local agencies and our colleagues within the independent school landscape. 

As of this writing, we expect to welcome everyone back to campus after the break and finish the school year normally, although with heightened awareness and hygienic practices. 

However, it is important for the community to know that among our evolving contingency plans is a scenario in which Spring Break is extended, and our academic curriculum is delivered electronically. We understand that each scenario impacts various members of our community differently. Students, parents, teachers, administrative staff, maintenance, housekeeping, and kitchen staff are all under our consideration. Please know that if any changes to your CRMS life become necessary, we will communicate with each of you as soon as it is practicable. To limit misinformation, all decisions about school-wide schedule changes will come directly from me.

We are fortunate to be small and nimble at a time like this. Just as the school leadership has evolving plans for a number of scenarios, we ask that each of you consider making plans for flexibility. If you are traveling over the break, please consider bringing devices and materials with you that would keep you in touch with the campus and, if you are a student, faculty, or staff member, engaged in your CRMS work to the extent possible. Again, what you need will vary based on your role within the community. 

We all know that limiting the risk of exposure to the new coronavirus and reducing the impact it will have on the learning experiences of our students requires community-wide cooperation and diligence. I will continue to communicate with you throughout the break and appreciate your support. If any questions arise, please feel free to reach out to me.

My best,