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1/26   Quarter 2 Ends  [Block finals schedule on 1/25 & 1/26] 
1/27 & 1/30 NO SCHOOL - Teacher Record Keeping Days
1/31    Quarter 3 Begins

2/2    Soul Fest  (Dinner in Cafeteria & Performances in Auditorium)  5:00-8:00pm
2/13  African American Family Involvement Day @ Roller Garden 6:00-8:00pm
2/14  Senior Pictures Due for Yearbook
2/17 & 2/20 NO SCHOOL - Parent/Teacher Conference Day & President's Day Break
2/17  Winter Dance (7:00-10:00pm @ Varsity Theater)
2/25  Last day to order Yearbooks
2/28  Junior ACT Testing Day

3/31  NO SCHOOL - Teacher Record Keeping Day
4/3-4/7 NO SCHOOL - Spring Break 
Flex Period Extended Day Schedule for 2017-2018

Last night we presented information about schedule changes next year at the Course Registration Parent Info Night offered by our counseling department . I know there was a lot of confusion and questions over the last two days regarding this change prior to the meeting. I would like to apologize for how this was communicated to our parents. In hindsight, I would have communicated these changes in a more timely manner and provided specific details about how we will accommodate the needs of all of our students with the change.

Here's the specifics...Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, Washburn will require students to register for 6 classes with an OPTIONAL choice of taking a 7th class. In addition to changing to a Flex Period Extended Day model, Washburn will be providing the opportunity for students to flex their start time. They will choose a start time of 7:30 am, 8:30 am, or 9:30 am depending on their needs/interests.

Rationale for Changing to a "Flex Period Extended Day" Schedule
  1. MPS reduced graduation requirements of health and fitness by 1 year so students need fewer required credits to graduate. All students can graduate on a 6 period schedule with 24 credits earned (a minimum of 21.5 credits are required to graduate).
  2. We can better utilize "extended time" allocations to serve all students (i.e. targeted interventions, enrichment opportunities, lower class sizes, etc.).
  3. Having a staggered start time allows families more flexibility as they manage busy schedules (although we expect the majority of our students will choose the regular day schedule of 8:30-3:00).
  4. The flexible schedule allows students to take an additional class Zero hour and/or 7th hour if they choose.
  5. The extended time funds that were allocated did provide additional money to the school, but not enough to fund a full 7 period day for all students.
  6. Due to our space limitations and increase in student enrollment, the extended day option allows us to stretch the use of our classroom spaces.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does this schedule work for athletes?
    • Most athletes will be advised to choose the regular 8:30-3:00pm schedule. Students should work with both coaches and counselors to choose a schedule that works for them.
    • Students will not be required to take a Zero hour class or a 7th hour class without specifically requesting that schedule. 
  • How does this schedule work for IB Diploma students?
    • The answer varies depending on your graduation year.
    • The students in the class of 2019 and beyond have increased flexibility due to reduced MPS graduation requirements allowing easier access to the IB Diploma. The class of 2018 candidates will be able to work with their counselor to make course choices and map out their schedules.
    • Over the course of 4 years, an IB Diploma candidate would likely take 2 courses beyond the regular 6 period school schedule to meet all the IB Diploma requirements. This is based on course choices and pathways.
    • The 6 hour flexible scheduling offers Diploma candidates more flexibility in their schedule for other electives by registering for a zero hour or 7th hour option if they choose.
  • How does this schedule work for clubs and activities that meet before/after school?
    • Students should be able to access clubs & activities the same as they always have. If there is a club they really want to participate in that meets after school, it would be recommended that they not sign up for a 7th hour class. If it's a before school club (i.e. student council), they may want to not choose a Zero hour class.
    • With the schedule change, club advisors may choose to change meeting times based on the needs of their participants.
  • Is it true that if students take a foreign language, they will only have one space in their schedule for another elective?
    • Yes, this is true. However, students who are passionate about taking an additional class will now have options during Zero hour or 7th hour. This actually provides more options for electives than we had before.
  • Could a student register for 8 classes a day with this new flex schedule?
    • Yes, a student can have 8 classes a day if they chose a Zero hour and a 7th hour. We don't anticipate (nor recommend) many students doing this but it is an option. For example, a student who has always wanted to take art but never had room in their schedule could now do this with our flexible extended day schedule.
  • How do we know which classes will be offered Zero hour and 7th Hour?
    • We will be creating the master schedule around student input and interest.
    • We already anticipate the need for certain classes to be offered Zero hour & 7th hour such as Studio Art, PE, and Health. Other classes will be based on student course selections.
    • We will not be offering classes during zero and 7th hour that are high demand and would deny access to those who choose a regular start time (i.e. Varsity Choir, Theatre 3, Orchestra, IB HL Math)
  • How will students be able to connect with a teacher before or after school if now they might be teaching a course that hour?
    • Teachers will post hours that they are available to meet with students as they do now. Teachers will also be available via email to set up individual appointments.  
  • Will there be study hall options like last year?
    • Probably not. However, we're going to stay open to hearing from students on whether this is needed.
    • We are exploring the option of providing study halls for targeted groups (i.e. IB study groups, Math study group, etc.). 
  • How can my student access the afterschool tutoring if their schedule ends at 2:00pm?
    • We are hopeful that we can actually expand the hours of our tutoring with the new schedule. 

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