OR   Alpine 07/18
OR   Eugene 07/19
OR  Roseburg 07/20
OR  Medford 07/21
early show 12:30pm 
Questions? email me
CA Mendocino Woodlands
JULY 26-AUG 2 
New World String Project
CA   Soquel 08/15
CA   Cambria 08/16
CA  San Luis Obispo 08/17
CA  Los Gatos 08/18
CA  Los Olivos 08/18
Lisa & Aryeh Duo
OR   Mt. Angel 09/14&15
New World String Project 
CA   Sacramento 09/19
CA   Santa Rosa 09/20
CA  San Jose 09/21
CA  Oakland 09/22
OR Corvallis 9/12
"Heartstrings" 6:30PM
I do a free concert & beginner harp workshop w/harps provided at Good Samaritan as part of "Artcare" Reservations  
Coming in Fall/Winter
Details on October Newsletter and my website
Crescent City
North Bend
Mill Valley
San Jose 
Mount Vernon
and more. Including a 
Winter tour w/Patrick Ball 
Books & CDs
You can play my original music along with me. Book with chords, notation and play along tracks.  
Available on my  website.   
Volume 1&2.

For musicians and concert presenters who want to create successful shows and tours.
Paper or .pdf file. Lisa wrote this 256 page book full of useful information that every musician should have More about it here.

Favorite Recordings

Hopes & Dreams 
Secret Songs 

Weaving Worlds
Two Worlds One
I joined in on Aryeh's album The Twisting of the Rope
Love & Peace
Baby CD cover
Life is But a Dream
Random doing-ness

Funny concert moment
Waterfall not far from home.  

Playing more guitar.
Picken on the porch
Walking the walk
Hello Friends,

I'm in my office with a house full of people as the week of shows and summer camp commences. I love the company of beloved friends and their brilliant kids scamper around while we sit on the porch playing tunes.

Last night we had a concert in our own home with our own quartet with many friends and neighbors in attendance. We love house concerts so much, both hosting and performing, so it was both. It's a lot of dishes to do and tiredness but worth every moment. I'll have video from our tour on the next newsletter and I'll post some clips from last nights show on my Facebook page soon.

It's been a gentle weather summer here in Oregon so far. All is well on the homefront and I am grateful for so many things I can't even count them. Even though there is plenty of worry for some of the bigger things we do our best to stay focused on own own community and offering arts and music wherever we can.

I wish you all to be surrounded by friends and music and shining your light in this adventurous life.

Hope to see you down the road.
Cedarhouse Concerts - Music at our house
Concert in our home - Sitting in with renowned musician harp-guitarist James Kline from France.

We love hosting concerts in our home. We have world class folk musicians performing here almost once a month. Our upstairs room seats 65 people and it always sells out. You can see what is coming up here. So if your ever in our area you can join us.

Our concert last month was was James Kline and we joined in for the Traditional tune "Wild Mountain Thyme"
I never get tired of playing this song.
James Kline, Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter
James Kline, Lisa & Aryeh
Rainy campfire singalong indoors
Every summer we host one or two sing-a-long campfires at our house as part of our house concert series. This year we actually had rain on that day so we moved it inside. This is how we roll.. with our friends & neighbors.   
Sing a long campfire indoors

Memorable moments

Last weekend was the Oregon Country Fair. A festival for music & arts like no other. Lisa & I enjoy playing Swedish dance tunes along the paths. And people dance!

Three beautiful horses are guests on our property. 
We love playing house concerts and have been doing quite a few lately. These from a recent one in Portland.  
If you would like to host a house concert, its fun and easy to do. Here is a webpage all about it.
Another one in Sequim, Washington

My mom Carol celebrated her 80th birthday with us. She will be moving to our property later this year. We are exploring some cozy & beautiful yurt cabin structures to build. A recent news story about her!
My niece Annelyse graduated from high school. We partied for a week in Orange County. Some of you might remember her as the star of many fun videos we made while she was little, and less busy. Here she is all grown up with me and a favorite cousin Lori too.

Summer camp in Washington on the Puget Sound between Portland and Seattle. I taught beginning harps, led campfire songs and for the first time taught Mosaics. This camp is so special, it offers so many different creative opportunities, music, arts, performance of all kinds. If you would like to know more please let me know and I'll fill you in. It's called CazNW. Its so special I highly recommend.

  I bring harps for harp class and beginners learn melodies, chords, improvisation and we performed the song "Imagine" while the audience sang.

One of the classes was putting out a magazine about camp. I was interviewed about my mosaics class by a 10 year old girl. She did a great job.

Class creations on display. 

We always have Nigel at home to remind us how to relax once in a while. Take naps. Appreciate what you have. Accept love, Be in the moment.
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