Clean water for God's thirsty children
Keeping our distance, providing clean water...

Our small office in Middletown, Kentucky, is a few rooms where a small staff and a dedicated group of volunteers support Water Women around the world.

But now the staff and volunteers are working from home the best they can, and I come to the office each day to go through the mail and meet with everyone by phone and through the computer. I thank God for the technology that keeps us close in times like these.

We're still receiving generous support, even at this time of economic and personal uncertainty. But to help our mission and these dedicated moms survive, we need even more.

Please look below to find out how a little bit from a lot of people can go a long way...
We're all God's children...
In these difficult times, please be assured that you are in our prayers every morning at 9am as we gather via video and phone, instead of around our meeting table here in the office.

Please click on the video in which Sister Larraine provides some words of encouragement along with an update on the work of Water With Blessings.
A little bit from a lot of people will go a long way...

We ask you to consider becoming a monthly sustainer, at $12.50 per month. By the end of the year, you will have helped equip and train 2 Water Women, providing clean water to 8 families.

And please, consider forwarding this email to a friend or two!
Because it's a little bit... from a lot of people...
that will bring more clean water .
A little can go a long way...
Every day each of the more than 115,000 Water Women around the world provides clean water to her own and 3 other families, using the life-saving water filter and training she received from Water With Blessings.

As I wrote above, we are asking our friends to help us in two ways: first, by making sustaining gifts, keeping these committed women going month after month.

Second, I ask you to ask a friend to help us too. A little bit from a lot of people will go a long way in helping us provide the necessary supplies and training to make possible even more Water Women.
Would you like to join us for a Coffee Chat?
As I wrote above, our staff and volunteers begin each day by gathering together in prayer.

In the midst of quarantines and social distancing, our gathering has moved online, and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to join us.

I invite you to participate on Friday, April 3, at 9am (US eastern time) in a special Zoom video conferece. Bring your own coffee!

In addition to praying with us, I will be able to give you a brief update on our mission. To sign up, please click on the link below.
Did You Know?

The recently-passed CARE Act creates some new benefits for
people who make charitable gifts.

Donors can now take a $300 charitable deduction for contributions made to qualified charities in 2020, regardless of whether they itemize deductions. (Many fewer individuals were able to deduct charitable donations
after the major tax law change in 2017.)

And the 50%-of-adjusted-gross-income ceiling on charitable contributions is suspended for 2020.

Please pass this information along.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?