~ December 2020 ~
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Pandemic Calendar of Events

- Think about Show 'n Go events you might be able to host when we are comfortable getting together outdoors.

January 23 - 30
- Big Sky, Montana Postponed to 2022
February 6 - 13
- Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado - Postponed to 2022
February 20 - 27
- Snowbird/Alta, Utah - Postponed to 2022
Snow N Go Events - Easy Peasy!
December can be a beautiful but chilly month in our area. Perhaps you’d like to get out for a simple meet-up with friends for a walk, or a more adventurous snowshoe hike? This can still happen with appropriate social distancing and cautions, particularly outdoors. How simple it is to think ahead a couple of days, when the weather looks promising, and plan such an activity.

Or maybe a meet-up on the mountain.
With 8 hours notice, or often less, Cindy will send your details out to the entire membership via an email message. Fun, easy, and even if it the turnout is small, worthwhile.
Keep this in mind as you think of friends and recreation!
November hike to Stratton Brook Hut

A beautiful day for our small and mighty CVOA group of hikers to enjoy the Stratton Brook Hut trails...and the views, and the sunshine, and the peace.....ahhhh!

l. to. r.: Rick Chenard, Kristin Wing, Jill Wallace, Bonnie Farrar
Outdoor Center Fishing
For those CVOA members who do not know, the club has a small kiosk at the Outdoor Center pond. Neal Trask and I erected this in June of 2014. Inside its flip top box are index cards to monitor fish caught from the pond.

On November 20th, I along with my wife Linda and Peg and Glen Bickford hiked around the pond. Afterward, I stopped and checked out the box. There were 23 completed surveys providing some data: 36 people were fishing, they caught and released 24 fish. There were 7 fish at 6 inches, 6 at 8 inches, 5 at 10 inches, 4 at 12 inches, and 2 at 14 inches. I am sure that many more than 36 people have fished the pond this year but failed to fill out the survey cards.

When I was CVOA president from 2012 to 2014, the club decided to set the fishing rules, buy some fish, and stock the pond. I think we did this twice and I am glad we did. Since then, CVOA has annually shared with the Town of Carrabassett Valley the cost of stocking the pond with fish as one of our charitable donations.

The pond is a great place to meet, walk around, and enjoy life during this Covid crisis.

~ Paul Trueworthy
Range News
Hello All,

During the winter, the range is plowed to the storage shed and to the rifle ranges.

And, the bathroom will be heated through the winter for member use; it will also keep up the AED batteries.

Diane Stone, Range Secretary
2021 Ski Trips 2022
CVOA will not be running any major ski trips in 2021. However, as the ski season progresses, there might be some opportunities within driving distance. Perhaps a day trip to Saddleback? Or check out the package below at Smugglers’ Notch Resort. Or maybe the Canadian borders will allow a short trip in that direction?

All it takes is for someone to say “hey, let’s go to . . . “, whether it be put together by you, or perhaps Great Events & Escapes. CVOA will promote your trip via our newsletters, or it could be a last minute Show N Go, which can be sent out to the membership. Let Cindy Foster know how we can help.
Smugglers' Notch, Vermont
From Ben Childs at Smugglers’ Notch:


I can offer group rates to any of your members that want to come visit us this winter. If someone wants to organize a bigger group we can be a little more aggressive on the pricing and we offer comps and perks.
Ben Childs, Smugglers’ Notch Resort Group Vacations
(802)644-1282, direct
Next Year in December . . .
Yonder Knolling!
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