~ July 2020 ~
President's Message

Welcome to summer, CVOA folks, and none too soon. Things are still a little touchy in the State of Maine and elsewhere, but we seem to be settling into a "new normal" for all. Hope you can enjoy broader expanse of freedom wherever you are. And don't forget to check out our world class ski trips for next winter. It's not too late to get on the list for some great adventures.

~ Mark Curtis
Your membership is valid through Dec. 31, 2020.
Calendar of Events

July 24
- Introduction to Trap Shooting for Women
at the Range
Summer? Fall?
- Think Ahead to Show 'n Go events you might be able to host when we comfortable getting together outdoors.

January 23 - 30
- Big Sky, Montana
February 6 - 13
- Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado
February 20 - 27
- Snowbird/Alta, Utah
Feature Article
Match Maine Landmarks with Counties
Courtesy of Maine Today Magazine

How did you do? Surely some of you Mainahs were 16/16 correct! And has anyone been to all 16 of the landmarks? Let me know how you did, and you’ll get a prize (that is, Braggin’ Rights) in the next newsletter.
2021 Ski Trips
Mike Parker reports that 22 people have signed up for the Big Sky trip, including: Bob and Linda Allen, Scott Crockett and Lynne Walsh, Claudia Diller and Tom Hildreth, Ann and Kelly Dooling, Lee and Jon Goss, Paul and Susan O’Brien, Jeff and Deb Sanford and family: Bob Forman, Tim Forman, Darcy Gatto, Jason Hymes, Ashley and Bob Molinaro. There is still room for more; you can call Mike at 207-348-3077.
Lee and Jon Goss have a solid contingent of 21 going with them to Snowmass/Aspen , including: Fred Brennan, Meredith Burgess, Jack Caunter, Rick Chenard, Jan Doherty, Sandi and Tom Dunham, Donn and Linda Gifford, Jayne and Mike Giles, Bee Harvery, John McCatherin, Maggie and Neil Newton, Peter Plumb, Doug Stewart, Peter and Judy Weston. There is still room for more; you can reach Lee at 207-370-5572.

The Alta/Snowbird trip is now leaving out of Portland instead of Boston. In spite of that, the trip is not faring so well. Bonnie Farrar reports only 8 people have signed up: Bob and Bonnie Farrar, Thom and Patti Johnston, Rick Chenard, Mike Porter, Dario Puerto and Fred Brennan. We have a mid-August deadline for cancelling the trip, so if you have any interest, please get in touch with Bonnie ASAP at 207-735-3984.
Range News
Hello All,

The Range is open and seeing lots of use. Thank you all for your patronage. We continue to hold weekly 5 Stand Shoots and semiweekly Trap Shoots. Please check our schedule on Facebook or our website, CVOARange.com.

To encourage new shooters, we will offer training courses throughout this season. Our first will be:
Introduction to Trap Shooting for Women.
  • Learn the basics of safe handling and shooting shotguns. In addition, learn the game of Trap Shooting. We will have shotguns of varying sizes to try, or bring your own. Open to Range members and guests.
  • Friday, July 24th, from 10am to 1pm, weather permitting.
  • Cost: $20
  • Class size is limited to 6 participants.
  • Contact Diane Stone at dpstone32@gmail.com to register or with any questions you may have.

Also note that we have rifle shooting rests donated by members for your use. They are located in the gatehouse as you enter the range. The lock combination is the same as the gate code, which is on your ID Badge.

We hope to see you at the Range!
Diane Stone
Range Secretary
Shoots and Operating Hours

   Five Stand Shoots – Saturdays – 9am until noon, rain or shine
   Trap Shoots – Sundays – 9am to noon, weather permitting
   Trap Shoots – Wednesdays – 10am to noon, weather permitting
   Rifle Range – Every day – Dawn to Dusk
   Pistol Range – Every day – Dawn to Dusk
   Archery Range – Opening July 1st – Every – Dawn to Dusk

Trap and Five Stand costs $5/round or you may purchase 10 rounds for $40, which will save you $10 and make it easier for us to manage the sign up for the Shoots. Your 10-round punch card can be used for both the Five Stand and Trap Shoots, and can be used for multiple shooters, with no expiration. Such a deal!
Past Events
June 14, 2020, via Zoom

In Summary:

Treasurer Sam Hudspath presented a very clear and informative report, which is included in the minutes.

Steve Smith reports that during the next quarter a Finance Committee will be re-established. He also presented a proposed Investment Policy which will quantify guidelines and policies on our funds, based on no capital risk and investing in cd’s and other government insured funds, while spreading them out over time. An operating fund will be set aside for regular income and expenses. The Investment Policy was approved, and can be read at the end of the meeting minutes.

Diane Stone reported that the range has been quite busy, even attracting younger members. However, CVOA has no scheduled events as would be expected during this time. Sue Strommer and Steve Smith will work on putting our Hiking Guide on the website in pdf form, at the same time making updates as they are reported buy our members.

Mark presented a policy for handling trip reservations. The key items are: postmark dates are considered the dates of receipt; a blind drawing will be the method of filling spots if at any time there are more applicants than positions; tenured members (those who have been members for at least 60 days prior to reservations) have three days for consideration before more recent members can fill spots. The policy was approved and can be found in the meeting minutes.

Ski Trip reports find that Big Sky and Aspen/Snowmass have good numbers of reservations, although Snowbird/Alta has only a few signed up.

Bylaws changes are being proposed, mostly as corrections to grammar and clarification of intent. There are a few more updates to work on, and the proposed revision will be presented at a future date.

There was significant discussion regarding CVOA’s liability in these times and in the future. There was noted concern that in the past some of the food handling at our pot luck events has been questionably safe, and perhaps we should be proactive in establishing protocols. Others felt that as adults, we all can be responsible for our own choices regarding participation. Diane reported on the Covid policies at the range, which meet state guidelines.

It appears we do not have a central location for our policies to be made available, and Cindy will set up a place on our website for policies. Mark was asked if he was proposing a policy on policies. (humorously)

Cindy Foster
How to Contact Us
  • President Mark Curtis: 207.441.9532: cvoa.president@gmail.com
  • Vice President Steve Smith: 207.799.8254: cvoa.vicepresident@gmail.com
  • Treasurer Sam Hudspath: 207.456.9138: cvoa.treasurership@gmail.com
  • Secretary Cindy Foster: 207.829.6110: cvoa.secretary@gmail.com
  • Adventure Coordinator Patti Johnston: 207.745.5815: cvoa.adventures@gmail.com
  • Range Officers Neal Trask: 235-2732; and Diane Stone: 240-4752; OR both at: cvoa.range@gmail.com
  • or reply to this newsletter.
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