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Average Homeowner Age Is at Least 50 in Top Metros

Florida is a popular haven for retirees, while Denver and Austin, Texas, have emerged as millennial hot spots.

LendingTree used Census data to study the average age of homeowners across the U.S. and ranked the nation’s 50 largest metros based on the average age of its homeowners, from youngest to oldest. The study also includes the home price growth and household income growth for each of the average age of homeowners.

This Is What Happens To Your Mortgage When You Sell Your House
Hint: This scenario usually ends with you making a profit.

These days, most people don’t end up staying in their homes until their mortgage is fully paid off, which can lead many sellers to wonder if they can sell their home when they still owe money. The simple answer is yes, but if you’re one of those sellers, keep reading. Keep reading for an explanation of what happens to your mortgage when you sell your house.
Tampa: The Holy Grail of Wholesale Real Estate Investing

The city of Tampa ranks #10, out of 169 other cities in the United States, for wholesale real estate investing. Tampa Bay has undergone some astonishing changes in the past couple of years.

Online Brands Open Physical Stores to Broaden Footprint

Pop-up or ancillary spaces within traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers can help ecommerce ventures increase their visibility to potential customers.

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