When I think about faith and trust, I can't help but think of my experience learning to swim. I was convinced that if I went under the water, I would sink to the bottom and stay there. Everyone told me that I would pop back up like a cork, but I was sure that I was made of stone, not cork, and would go straight to the bottom. Imagine my sense of wonder when I stretched out on the surface of the water and discovered I could float!! God's grace is like that body of water......buoying us up through all the ripples and waves of life. We can't see the buoyancy or even adequately describe it, but we can experience it and it is completely real......just like our faith. The only time we get in trouble is when we don't trust and get panicky and then we start to sink.  
            The  Rev. Liz Tomlinson
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September 29, 2016

Jesus chides the disciples
Or does he?
Presented with all that Jesus wants them to do in terms of forgiveness and leading others, the disciples clamor for more faith. "Increase our faith!" And Jesus tells them that with faith the size of a miniscul mustard seed, they could un-plant a mulberry bush and re-plant it in the ocean. Maybe the point is that they don't need that much. Maybe the point is that the faith they have is enough for them to do all the things that Jesus has asked them to do. Maybe Jesus is saying to them "A little dab'll do ya'!"  Join us on Sunday morning to explore this possibility.  
The Romans are here........
Adult Christian Formation next session is October 2

We started our study of St. Paul's letter to the Romans on Sunday, September 18. Our next session will be on October 2 at 9:00am in Fleming Hall. To prepare for this session, please read Romans Chapter 1 and pay particular attention to verses 1-17.  Please also read Chapter 1 of   The Story of Romans by A. Katherine Grieb. Bring your questions with you. You might find it helpful to read "Suggestions for reading Romans" located at the end of this first chapter. The book is available on Amazon. Recommended study Bibles are the Harper Collins Study Bible and The New Oxford Annotated Bible. If you need some help securing these books, please let Rev. Liz know.   
Coffee Hour remodel
THIS Sunday, October 2, 2016

While we were on retreat at Shrinemont, we decided that we would like to make some significant changes to our Coffee/Fellowship Hour after church. This Sunday after church, we will have a chance to make plans together for how the changes will take place and how the rota will be set up. Please plan to be part of this meeting. If you have questions or ideas, please contact Christine King at christineruthking@yahoo.com
Next Vestry Meeting rescheduled
October 9, 2016

Our Vestry's regularly scheduled meeting date is the third Sunday of the month, but on October 16 the Rev. Dr. Katherine Grieb, New Testament professor at Virginia Theological Seminary will be with us to teach our Adult Formation Class, to preach and celebrate, and to have an informal forum with us during Fellowship Hour. Therefore, the Vestry has rescheduled the Vestry meeting for Sunday, October 9 at 12:30pm. 
New Parish Directory
Ready Now~we found them!

Things change......and so do phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses. And sometimes things get misplaced. We have the directories that were promised to you last week, so you can pick them up this week. We believe we have the most up-to-date information for each person, but if there is an error, please let us know. The new Directory will make it easier for all of us to stay in touch with one another. You can pick up your Directory this Sunday from an usher or on the table beneath the banner outside the Office. 
ECW Annual Meeting and Fall Ingathering 
Thursday, October 13, 2016

If you are a female member of an Episcopal Church, you are automatically a member of ECW. This fall the meeting will be held at Aquia Episcopal Church in Stafford, Virginia. The program is "Walk in Love" and will be presented by the Right Rev. Susan Goff who will share her experiences in Guatamala, her meeting with Pope Francis, and her ongoing relationship with the Diocese of Liverpool. Breakfast is at 8:30am followed by the business meeting, then the program and then a buffet luncheon. Holy Eucharist will be celebrated at 1:30pm. If you would like to attend and represent St. Paul's at this meeting, please speak to Rev. Liz. 
Handbell Choir
Looking for volunteers

The handbell choir adds another dimension to the music during our morning worship. There's nothing quite like it!  If you read music and you are interested in learning how to be part of the handbell choir, even if you have never done it before, please speak to our Music Director, Anna Ko. She can get you all set!!
Outreach Opportunity
St. Paul's can help local school children

At our last Vestry Meeting, the Vestry decided to pursue an outreach opportunity to help children in a local elementary school. The program is sponsored by Britepaths (formerly Our Daily Bread). The commitment for us is to make food packets for the weekend for children who are on free/reduced price lunches at school. There is an elementary school in our area that has 80% of its students in this category. Our contact person is Dave Parkerton at Epiphany Episcopal in Herndon. He is the lay person in charge of this program for them. They assemble these packets after church every second Sunday of the month. If you are interested in helping to get this project started for St. Paul's and are willing to visit Epiphany to see how it's done, please contact a member of the Vestry or Rev. Liz. 

As we move into the fall, please remember the folks in our area who are hungry. Don't forget to replenish the Food Pantry sponsored by ACCA. You can leave your donations in the large wicker basket at the rear of the Sanctuary. And give thanks to Dick and Mary Lou Runyon who make sure that your offerings to the hungry get safely to ACCA. As always, your generosity helps so many and is greatly appreciated.
Homeless Shelter
Toiletries needed

When you are out shopping this week, please remember our neighbors at the homeless shelter and pick up a few toiletries for them. Particularly needed at the moment are disposable razors, shaving cream, small tubes of toothpaste and individual travel sizes of soap/body wash. Your generosity is appreciated and your donations are put to good use!
Drivers needed 

This is the perfect outreach opportunity for any of you who are retired or who have a flexible work schedule. Drivers are needed to take elderly clients to doctors' appointments, the grocery store, the pharmacy and other local errands that most of us take for granted. There is no long term commitment involved. You will be asked to drive at a time and on a schedule that is convenient for you. Remember, one day each one of us may need this kind of outreach done for us. Imagine that it is your Mom or your Dad or your favorite aunt or uncle and call the Center number at (703) 506-2199 or e-mail them at  info@scmafc.org .  To visit the Center's website for more information  CLICK HERE .