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april 2013 newsletter 

 volume 7; issue 4  

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Pics ~ Princess Diana, "The Queen", "The Queen Mum"
An English Country Garden
Language barrier?
Downton Abbey
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30 Afternoon Tea recipes
Martha's Cream Scones
Video - Phantom of the Opera
Video - Les Miserables
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teacup turq  
"And Castle Combe presents this charming scene,
of hill, woods and meadows cloth'd in green.
Here grand terrestrial scenes, almost celestial nice,
makes Castle Combe, sweet vale, an earthy Paradise."
-  Edward Dowling
(19th Century)  
(My apologies for the "re-send".  The "In This Issue" did not print correctly the first run.  So sorry!)
First things first.  To get you in the mood  for today's theme; "A little taste of England", click HERE  for a bit of relaxing music as you peruse  the page.
As many of you already know, my husband and I lived in London for two glorious years - many, MANY moons ago (1986-1988).  And yes; we LOVED it!!  We were basically newlyweds (married in 1984) with no kids, no house, no real committments as of yet.  The timing could not have been better.  Looking back.... wow.  So many memories and experiences.  We were so blessed!
In this newsletter, I will share just a few of the things about England that I treasure the most (because there are SO many!).  My favorite "take me back" image from London is Big Ben.  To this day, just the image brings back a flood of memories...  (One of) my favorite English villages was Castle Combe in the Cotswolds (pictured above), where Dr. Doolittle was filmed in 1966.  I love English cottage gardens and decorating; both represented today in this newsletter.  My husband and I both became addicted to two things while living there; Indian food and the theatre.  Although there is a pub on every corner - Pub food is, well... bad.  Fish & chips; bangers & mash; beer (yuck!).  We quickly found that there is an Indian restaurant on almost every corner as well.  And Indian food is good!   And then there is the theatre.  We saw the original cast of our two FAVORITES... Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables... several times!!  Check out the video clips below...  If I were to request one final "meal", though, before my last breath here on earth... it would certainly be the experience of afternoon tea.  Little finger sandwiches, a  piano playing softly, the clinking of delicate, vintage floral plates and teacups, steam rising out of a freshly brewed silver teapot and the ultimate indulgence... warm scones with clotted cream and  jam.  "Heaven", I tell you.  It's definitely the one "thing" I miss the most!  The one, very special person that I miss the most is my dear friend,  Alice.  April 2 was her birthday, and I sincerely invite you to join me on my blog tomorrow as I pay tribute to our treasured friendship...  xo
I hope that you enjoy this "issue" as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.  As always, please feel free to forward it on. 
live happy... laugh, love, dream, create
mismatched teacups    

So what's new...??? 

   Whether you're planning a dinner party,

afternoon tea or an English garden... 

I think you're going to love these new little goodies!

dinner party

"Dinner Party" (Paper) Placemats

$22 ~ Pad of 50



herb markers
Silver Plate Herb Markers
$38 ~ Set/5

Rosemary, Oregano, Basil, Sage, Thyme


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"Bits 'n Bobs"**
  • A big "thank you" to all of you who stopped by my little set up at "Ladies Night Out" @ Olathe Glass last Thursday!!  Great to see everyone that I haven't seen in awhile, and a warm welcome to all my new email sign ups!  A very sincere  THANK YOU to Rebecca for including me in her Open House Event!!   Hugs to all...xo
  • I'm still working away at transitioning over my furniture, fixtures, merchandise & supplies into my new space in the basement.  It's like taking the tallest man in the world and trying to shove him into a Mini Cooper (My favorite car, by the way.  Just sayin'.  No.  I drive an SUV.)  At some point I will start working on getting my merchandise online in some sort of a "shopping format", but until then, just follow me on Facebook for the most current info (as well as this newsletter; monthly)
  • And speaking of all that "other stuff" that just isn't gonna fit into the new space... Well, GREAT NEWS!  Our neighborhood is having their annual garage sale this month; so.... I am going to have a combo garage sale & SAMPLE SALE!!!!!   WooHoo!!!  Bargains galore!  Here are the details: 

Thursday-Saturday; April 25-27; 8:00-4:00.  14112 Fontana St.   

Leawood, KS  66224  Worthington Subdivision - Just east of 143rd & Roe. I will definitely be "open" Thursday/Friday... Saturday is questionable. 

Better come early!!



**  "Bits 'n Bobs" translation?  See below...   
queen mum'd BD The queen
The Queen
the queen mum's BD Princess Diana
The Queen Mum
and Princess Diana
First of all; Yes. These are my actual pics. Secondly; Yes.  The Queen IS INDEED looking right at me.  It's like she was searching the crowd; trying to find me.  Even better; I have another one of Princess Diana with the Queen Mum, and guess what...? Yep.  She is indeed ALSO looking right at me.  Not kidding!  So I guess I took it out of my album at some point, probably to prove to someone that I was telling the truth.  So for all of you "nay sayers" out there... I WILL find it.  And I will post it on Facebook when I do; just to prove my sincerity.  Oh, and by the way, this was a parade for the "Queen Mum's Birthday"; and we waited FOREVER to secure that front row position on a cold, damp London day. 
In the end...  Well worth it
An English Country Garden      
english country garden
Want some tips on "how to" create the look; including the "Top 10" cottage garden plants & flowers ?  Me too! 
Click  HERE

When we found out we were moving to London, our thoughts were -  

"Hey; They speak "English"; Good news. 

No language barrier... Right?? " 

Well; not exactly....  


Tosser - Idiot

 Give You A Bell - Call you
 Blimey! - My Goodness
Wanker - Idiot
Gutted - Devastated

 Fancy - Like 

 Lost the Plot - Gone Crazy
Fortnight - Two Weeks
 Hoover - Vaccum
 Bee's Knees - Awesome
Know Your Onions - Knowledgeable
 Dodgy - Suspicious
 Wonky - Not right
 Wicked - Cool!
 Loo - Toilet
Nutter - Crazy Person
 Knackered - Tired
Gobsmacked - Amazed
Chap - Male or friend
 Bugger - Jerk
 Bog Roll - Toilet Paper
 Bob's Your Uncle - There you go!
 Throw a Spanner in the Works - Screw up
Absobloodylootely - YES!

 Nosh - Food 

Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist - Don't Get worked up
The Telly - Television

 Chips - French Fries
Daft Cow - Idiot

It`s monkeys outside - it is very cold

Bits 'n Bobs - Various things


downton abbey    

Anyone else addicted
to Downton Abbey? 

Well we are, and we are only in the first season...trying to "catch up" on Netflix!!   

 Lovin' it!!

big ben 
Queen Elizabeth  
cornwall pic

So perhaps you do NOT have a country estate in Cornwall, England that is in dire need of a renovation??  No worries.  The pics in this lovely blog are certain to inspire inspiration enough to bring a touch of "English Country" charm to any room in your house...

Click HERE

afternoon tea recipes

30 Afternoon Tea recipes

cream scones   

Phantom of the Opera with the original cast.... Sarah Brightman & Michael Crawford  

les miserables 

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