May 2018

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Water Efficiency Tip
Call Centennial Water's water conservation and efficiency manager for more information about xeriscaping with water thrifty trees, plants and ground covers. 
H2Own it
Centennial Water, in partnership with Resource Central, is challenging you to H2Own it and
rethink your water use. Water conservation works best when we all do our part. If we all make small changes, the impact can be great.

Small things you can do to make an impact in your outdoor water use:
  • Don't overspray. Adjust sprinklers so you're not watering your driveway and sidewalk.
  • Mulch more. Add a two to three inch layer of mulch around trees and plants. Mulch helps reduce evaporation, saving water.
  • Water, rest, repeat. Water your landscape using the cycle and soak method. Water three short cycles with breaks in between. This allows water to soak into the soil and not run onto the sidewalk or into the street.
  • Unearth your turf. Replace a portion of landscape with Xeric or low-water use plants. Centennial may even pay you for it. Click here to learn more.
  • Be cool. Water during cooler hours in the evening or early morning.
Water monitors are on the lookout for water waste
Water monitors are hitting the streets to educate Centennial Water customers about efficient outdoor watering practices. They are on the lookout for homeowners and business owners who may be running their sprinklers during the middle of the day, or they may spy a broken sprinkler head resulting in water flowing down the gutter. These are opportunities for water monitors to educate customers about Centennial Water's rules and regulations and best watering practices.

If a water monitor identifies an infraction, s/he will contact the property owner to advise about the rules and regulations. Repeated infractions may result in a fine.

Click here to read the rules and regulations about water use.