Volume 3 | September 8, 2019
Middle School News
A look into your children's lives this past week...!
Let's face it... we all need times to "recharge" during the day.

In the Roycemore Middle School, we set aside some time each day, in addition to lunch and recess, for students to take a break.

During this time if the weather is nice, students might go outside to play in Alexander Park or play tetherball. If they stay inside, you might see them in the Zone area playing ping pong, corn hole or Jenga, or in the gym shooting hoops or practicing their tumbling techniques.

It is a great re-energizer prior to math class!
What is Homeroom?

Each day, except for Thursdays when students begin the day with their advisory, all middle school students start the day in Homeroom by grade level.

The purpose of Homeroom is to:
  • start the day in a positive way
  • build relationships among students
  • create connections between school and home life
  • develop the skills of conversations, inquiry and public speaking
  • help students see the world from multiple points of view
  • and share important news for the day ahead

Homeroom begins with a fun greeting, then includes some sort of activity/ share, and finishes with news and announcements.

We draw our resources for Homeroom and Advisory from a variety of places, including The Origins Program and Responsive Classroom. The Advisory Book: Building a Community of Learners Grades 5-9 describes a program called Circle of Power and Respect (CPR). At Roycemore, we refer to it as "Homeroom." "Young adolescents long to talk to each other, but to do so openly and inclusively is often harder than they can manage. They need adult guidance. In the sharing portion of CPR (Homeroom), one by one, as they share bits about themselves, their thoughts, and their opinions, the environment begins to feel safer. Outside of school, conversation can be a minefield. At any moment you might say something that others judge to be stupid or lame. Inside CPR (Homeroom), it's safe because their are rules. And over time, the stories emerge."*

* From The Advisory Book: Building a Community of Learners Grades 5-9
Great to see many parents at Miniature School Night!
Did you learn something new or meet someone new at Miniature School? I hope it was a rewarding, and maybe even inspiring experience! We encourage families who were not able to attend to check in with their child's teachers so you can either get copies or handouts or simply get to know your child's teachers. We are big believers in the power of the Home-School partnership, so please reach out!
After School Clubs & Activities
Several Clubs and Activities started this past week and others are beginning this coming week. If you haven't yet signed up your child and there is still room, you can complete the attached form and send it in. Please complete the attached registration form ASAP.

P3 and Chorus Launched this week!
Mrs. Shutters met with students to talk about P3 this year and encouraged them to think about a problem they would like to solve for their project. Students learned that the problem solving approach that they will be using is called Design Thinking and it begins with Empathy-- putting themselves in the shoes of the person or people for whom they are wanting to solve a problem. To get them thinking about Empathy, students built a feelings collage. In future P3 sessions students will learn more about the Design Thinking approach to problem solving.
The Middle School Chorus had its first practice this week as well, learning new songs that they will have the opportunity to sing for the community later this year.
Middle School Overnight

Sept. 19-20 to Camp Henry Horner

An email has been sent out to all middle school families that contains details about Camp Henry Horner. Here is a link to the contents of that email. Please be sure to complete the permission form and return to school with your check by Friday September 13th.

Our goal is for students to take away the following from this experience:
  • Respect and appreciation for the different ways each individual can contribute to a team and how cooperation and collaboration lead to enhanced outcomes for all
  • Appreciation, respect and connection to the link between ourselves and the environment
  • A belief that through our own small acts, we can each make a difference
  • Develop a stronger sense of community among our middle school students and faculty
  • And of course... to have a LOT of fun!
Desser Lodge (above). Where we will stay at Camp Henry Horner.
Attendance Reporting Procedure
If your child is going to be tardy, need to leave school early, or is out sick, please send an email to attendance@roycemoreschool.org We will enter the information in our student record system for access to all of your child's teachers.
Your child can check in with his or her teachers, or get support from his or her advisor, regarding work that is missed.
Sports and Clubs this coming week!!
  • Homework Club 3:30pm-4:20pm (drop ins always fine for HW Club)
  • Board & Video Game Club 3:30pm-4:30pm
  • Volleyball Practice 3:30-4:20pm
  • Cross Country Practice 3:30-4:10pm
  • Soccer Practice TBA
  • Homework Club 3:30pm-4:20pm
  • Drama/ Improv 3:30-4:30pm- drop ins are fine! ($10 fee per session)
  • Cross Country MEET at Regina Run
  • Soccer Practice TBA
  • Homework Club 3:30pm-4:20pm
  • Robotics Club 3:30-4:30pm ($10 fee per session)
  • Volleyball Practice 3:30-4:30pm
  • Soccer Practice TBA


  • Chess Club 3:00-4:00pm- There is an additional fee for this activity, please make check out to Roycemore for $156. Grades K-8; Groups will be divided according to experience Provider: King and Queens Chess Club
  • Math Club 2:15-3:15pm FREE!-Three Roycemore Upper School students will run a math club for younger students who are interested in deepening their love and enjoyment of math through fun games.
  • Fencing ($264 for the semester) 3:15-4:15pm- Expect a workout and come prepared for a sport with appropriate clothing and shoes. We'll provide the equipment, so no need to purchase anything. Students will learn the basics of fencing. All levels of fencing are welcome, including beginners. Please make check out the Lincoln Square Fencing.
Provider: Lincoln Square Fencing
  • Community Yoga 5:00-6:00pm-FREE!-Begins 9/12 Sponsored by The Phoenix Yoga Project and taught by Roycemore Admissions Director, Amanda Avery, this FREE yoga class is offered to ages middle school to adult. Bring your own mat and water bottle. Blocks and blankets are provided.
  • Volleyball Practice 3:00-4:00pm
  • Soccer Practice TBA

  • Drama Improv 3:30-4:30pm
  • Soccer Practice TBA
  • Volleyball Practice 3:30-4:30pm
  • Cross Country Practice 3:30-4:10pm
Upcoming Dates

Friday, Sept. 13
-School Picture Day!
Thurs- Fri. Sept. 19-20    
-MS Overnight to Camp Henry Horner

Cross Country News!

Last Friday, the middle school team went to the DePaul Prep Catholic Cup Invitational meet. There were 19 schools at the meet. Every one of our runners finished their race. 

Levi J. finished his 1.5 mile run with a time of 10.18.1 and was 17th out of 206 5/6 grade boys.

Daniel B. ran his 2 mile race with a time of 13:25.6 and was 20th out of 109 runners. 

Other runners were Isabel A., Jacob B., Ariana B., Zander C., Kees K., Gabe M., and Jack S.

Student-Parent Handbook
Please be sure that you and your child are familiar with what you can expect from the school and what we expect of the members of our community by reading the Student-Parent Handbook. The handbook includes guidelines for student behavior, attendance, dress code and more! It can be found in the Parents pull down menu bar of the website under "Quick Links and Resources" and also HERE!
Please visit our online store at    www.roycemoreschool.org/schoolstore    to get   wonderful items to wear and use. I know you will all love what the RFA has chosen.  There are COOL NEW items available that you will love!!