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  • Governor Newsom announces his plan to bolster rent relief. We provide some soliloquy in this article.

  • Landlords have had until February 28 to serve important notices of rights under Senate Bill 91. Any laggards who have missed this procedural deadline should still serve the notice, we explain here.

  • Rent prices have seemingly bottomed out, but where will they go from here? That will depend in large part on the return of workers and students. The head of our property management arm offers his takes.

  • There is a proposal floating in San Francisco that would erase commercial rent debt. We chime in here.

  • Domestic violence in focus.
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
Facing a recall election, Governor Newsom has called for California to pay all of the rent debt that has amassed during the pandemic. We'll believe it when we see it.

Thus far, rental assistance programs have been dysfunctional and slow, with a tiny fraction of the billions of dollars allocated making their way to cash-strapped rental property owners.

For landlords to capture the opportunity to participate in these programs, they were supposed to serve a notice informing tenants of their rights by February 28, but we want any sluggish clients to make a good faith effort and belatedly serve the notice now. If the state and local programs are taking time in disbursing funds, landlords should be given some latitude in meeting their obligations.

The consensus is that rent prices will no longer plummet, but when they will rise again or return to pre-pandemic levels is open for debate. As workers and students return to the Bay Area, there will be upward pressure on rent but we are not optimistic that the needle will tick up any time soon.

It has been saddening to see a glut of empty storefronts. We feel the pain of business owners who have been ordered to shut down or reduce hours of operation but the question now is who will bear the brunt of this hardship.

The pandemic has not discriminated against commercial landlords or their tenants and so we take exception to a drastic proposal that would erase all rent debt for San Francisco merchants.

Thanks for your continued engagement, please remain safe, and certainly call upon us with any questions.
Bornstein Law was proud to sponsor CHANA's virtual Race Against Abuse 10K, 5K and Fun Run.

The organization is dedicated to responding to the needs of persons who experience physical, psychological, sexual, financial, or spiritual abuse.

We have seen firsthand the toll of abuse in rental units and have strongly admonished landlords to be proactive in addressing domestic violence whenever it rears its ugly head. Some of our earlier thoughts on this topic:

In case you missed it: Watch Daniel's May 18 presentation discussing a wide range of topics impacting rental housing providers as we enter a new phase of the pandemic.
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