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Dear Friend,

Do you remember that feeling of anticipation? As the school year came to its long-anticipated end, summer vacation meant more than two months of freedom to enjoy being a kid! Summer camp, family picnics, afternoons on the beach, staying outside until almost bedtime when the sun finally set; there's nothing quite like the freedom of childhood summer vacations.

Contrasting with our blissful summer memories, the months spent out of school also pose challenges for many Lakes Region teens. For many teens living in rural NH, summer vacation means isolation from peers and positive adult relationships. Often the pressures of challenging life circumstances are even greater in the absence of support from school and organized programs. Due to high costs, camps are out of reach for many families. Food insecurity becomes a greater challenge without the support of USDA school lunch programs.

Last year the Kingswood Youth Center helped to alleviate the challenges of out-of-school time through the initiation of a pilot summer program. Four full-day programs were offered, drawing about fifty participants. Teens took in beautiful vistas on local mountain tops, swam in secluded swimming holes, played group games, and relaxed on the beach! All programs were offered at not cost. Due to our community's need for organized youth summer programs, the KYC is respectfully requesting help in our goal to raise $5,000 to continue and expand our summer programs in 2017.  

With your help, all local teens can create the blissful memories that so many of us associate with summer vacation. If you would like to contribute to this important cause, we accept payments via PayPal using the link below or at
www.thekyc.org , or checks can be mailed to PO Box 697, Wolfeboro Falls, NH, 03896 or dropped off at 565 Center Street, Wolfeboro, NH, 03894.

Thank you so much for your support,


Everyone at the KYC   

Barbara Lobdell

Vice President 
Matt Lawlor 

Gregory Eldridge  
Peter Hess

At Large 
Lynn Hinchee
Gina Jewell  
Martha Krause 
Megan Marbury
Andy Shagoury 
Kevin Van Brunt 

Executive Director 
Pam Sweeney

Teen Director 
Mara Michno 

Program Director 
Zachary Porter 
Check out our latest woodworking project!


KYC members have shown a strong interest in woodworking, so we chose to build something that would benefit the KYC. Two sets of "Cornhole" boards were constructed and painted by KYC members. "Cornhole" is a fun indoor or outdoor game, focusing on throwing small bags filled with corn (or a synthetic bead, which we chose) through the holes in the board. Traditionally, two teams of two play the game, but we have been having fun with them as a whole group!

 at the KYC

Teamed with White Horse Addiction Center, the KYC offered a weekly series regarding drug prevention. Four different perspectives were presented; a New Hampshire State Trooper, a recovered addict, a Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a loved one of an addict. Each visitor brought a unique perspective and voice regarding substance abuse prevention.

A NH State Trooper talks about his perspective on substance abuse prevention

Sue Thistle, Executive Director of White Horse Addiction Center and a MLADC, talks to the group about prevention
The Life Skills Program at the KYC 
Recently we have been focusing on...

Job application practice

Driver's education practice tests


Job interview skills

Leadership skills 

Cooking and baking 

Exploring local businesses

Healthy competition

Setting and accomplishing goals

Exploring local resources for different needs

Working on resumes and job applications

KYC Teen Council Updates  
We would like to congratulate Ame on her new position as
Teen Council Coordinator.

Welcome to the Teen Council, Irena and Lillian!

A big congratulations to members of our new Activities Committee-
Brayden, Domenick, and Nicholas.


Teen Council members acting out skits explaining the KYC's four core values:
Responsibility, Respect, Empowerment, and Compassion
Beyond The After School! 
The KYC has committed to offering 100 extra hours this year, through programs that are held outside of our regular after-school hours. 

Some of the BTAS! programs offered recently:
Dinner and a Movie
Winter at the KYC
Local Hikes
Leadership Retreat 
Brunch and Ice Skating

Thanks to a grant from the Cate Fund, the KYC has a new Smart TV, which is being used for BTAS! and prevention programs 

KYC Photo Gallery
For more pictures and details about all the fun we are having at the KYC, check out our blog!

Members enjoying the KYC Thanksgiving Feast. We fed almost 30 people!

Ice skating at Pop Whalen during a BTAS! program

Ice skating fun!
Having fun playing Twister!

Enjoying the sun!

KYC member playing guitar for the group, who sang along!

Opening gifts during our holiday party

Learning how to make pizza dough during a Saturday BTAS!

KYC member sharing his family's peirogi recipe

Snowshoeing to the highest point in Wolfeboro during a BTAS! program

KYC member enjoying a "personal" pan pizza the size of his head!
Enjoying hot chocolate on a cold day during the after-school program

KYC member participating in our Bottle Flip Challenge!

Playing a fun game led our Teen Council during our birthday celebration!
There are many ways to get involved in with the KYC

~ Volunteer weekly for our after-school program
~ Volunteer to teach a skill or lead an activity to our members
~ Donate clothing for 12-18 year olds
~ Donate homemade food, gift cards, art supplies
~ Sponsor us monetarily
~ Help with grounds-keeping 

The KYC is a 501(c) non-profit organization. Therefore, your donation is tax deductible.
  Kingswood Youth Center | 603-569-5949 | kyc@metrocast.net 
565 Center St. Wolfeboro, NH. 03894 | PO BOX 697 Wolfeboro Falls, NH. 03896