Dear Colleagues,

In this time of disruption and anxiety related to COVID-19, we hope that you are keeping physically and mentally well. For those of us who are clinicians, this is a busy time as we try to provide care for our patients who are experiencing heightened anxiety. The IAWMH remains a global community connecting us in times of unprecedented trouble.

Below are some tips on safeguarding your mental health whilst in self-isolation.

  • Get into a routine - Set yourself up a schedule to prepare in the morning, eat nutritious, food at set times and be consistent with bedtime.
  • Exercise is a must - Whether home exercise videos or meditation, every little helps.
  • Fight the boredom - As tempting as it is to binge on the latest TV shows, try to try something different. Why not try writing, painting, cleaning out cupboards or even learning a new language to protect your mental health.
  • Change up your surroundings (if possible) – If you can, move around your living space and mix up where you sit, exercise and work to make sure you’re not staring at the same walls all the time.
  • Keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues – You may be physically confined but that does not mean you should isolate yourself mentally. Whether by video or voice, keep in touch with those that usually surround you. Whether a lunch date or a quick catch-up, harness the incredible ability we have at our fingertips.
  • Limit screen time – Don’t get consumed by the COVID-19 coverage plastering the news, limiting the amount of time you spend browsing will have boundless benefits to your mental attitude. 
  • Lastly, take one day at a time – try to focus on the immediate future rather than looking too far into the future to help maintain a positive attitude. 

Stay healthy and well!

Best wishes from the IAWMH Leadership