Hello! Just a quick note to keep everyone as up to date as we are here at Vassar-Wa rner Home.

You may have all read the article that was published yesterday in the Poughkeepsie Journal, " Coronavirus patients placed in Dutchess County nursing homes under state mandate". The article discusses the following:
  • Confirmed and Suspected Cases: Vassar-Warner Home has NO confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19.
  • Staffing Shortages: We made the decision several years ago to add additional staff to our budget in order to take care of the elders that stay home longer therefore requiring more care and support upon admission. There are currently no issues with staffing at Vassar-Warner Home.
  • Lack of PPE: We continue to battle our colleagues for the same PPE made available to everyone in the state, and across the country. We report the number of on-hand supplies daily and Dutchess County Office of Emergency Management has also been a tremendous help to us. We currently have appropriate PPEs available to ensure the utmost safety to our residents and staff.
  • Testing: We screen all staff who come into the building. Residents who must leave (for medical necessity only) are also continually monitored for signs and symptoms. It would be wonderful to have on-site testing in the future, however right now, this is left to the hospitals and medical practitioners in the community.
  • This article was written about Skilled Nursing Homes in our area. Often times people can mistakenly group the levels of care togther. We we are not a skilled nursing level facility, We are an Adult Home and an Assisted Living Program that falls into the Adult Care Facilitiy category in New York State. We do not fall into the Long Term Care category as nursing homes do.

Please remember that COVID-19 is a pandemic affecting the most vulnerable population which are the elderly residents we serve. We work very closely w ith our colleagues in the New York State Department of Health and our professional organizations, Leading Age NY and NYSHFA/NYSCAL to get the most up to date information. As we get this information we will make it availble to you all as well.

Here is an important link for you to bookmark:

On a lighter note, please keep your cards and good thoughts coming so we can add them to our collection for the residents and staff to gain strength from during this time!

As always....please, please, please stay healthy and safe!

Ericka J. Von Salews, MS
Execitive Director