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October 5, 2023

Dear MCC,

We have concluded our "I've Been Meaning to Ask" sermon series. Our question this week was what's something you are looking forward to?

Personally, I am looking forward to some time of spiritual renewal and physical healing. Last year, our church was awarded a grant for clergy renewal, enabling me to take sabbatical time away. This sabbatical time is divided up into three sessions. As you might remember, I first went away earlier this year, after Easter. My next session will be from October 9 to November 16. I will be in church this Sunday, October 8, and then will be out of communication after that, as I go on renewal leave.


Thank you to everyone who has provided prayerful support as I have been navigating a health crisis for several weeks. I greatly appreciate your care and support. I am happy to say that I am continuing to improve physically. It is my hope that I can travel during my sabbatical, as planned, I am currently awaiting medical approval to do so. You can learn more about the sabbatical here . 


Rev. Kelly Durbin will be covering pastoral duties while I am away. She and her spouse, Rev. Gina Durbin, have created a wonderful sermon series and will alternate preaching each Sunday. I hope you enjoy this series, which starts on October 15.


If you need spiritual support, our deacons and Rev. Kelly are available. Please email the deacons at and they can connect you to the care you need.


We have many exciting activities this fall, including our current Holy Conversations series on Sundays after church, a Hispanic Heritage Luncheon on October 15, and Halloween Bingo on October 21! Please continue to check the weekly newsletter for more upcoming events and programs.

This Saturday the Gay Men's Chorus of Tampa Bay is having their Fall concert at MCC Tampa. Please join us for Church Work Day  this Saturday, to make the place gorgeous for our guests! 


I will carry you in my heart, prayerfully, as I take time of renewal leave in the coming weeks, and I appreciate your prayers as well. Thank you for all that you are!

You are loved,

Rev. Jakob

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New Upcoming Activities

Thank you again for making a difference here at MCC Tampa, your contributions make it all possible. 

You are Loved,
Rev Jakob Hero-Shaw
Senior Pastor

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