No Charge eLearning Access
Hello fellow BASIS Developers,

In these unprecedented times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all faced with a great degree of uncertainty about the future. We, at BASIS, have triggered our business continuity plan to allow our engineering staff to be fully operational from home. We are thus able to continue to develop, sell, and support our technology ecosystem during this crisis.

Many of our customers are facing a far greater challenge brought about by the profound impact the pandemic is having on their businesses, and in some cases, they have been forced to shutter.
BASIS Response
In this period marked by potential customer downtime, BASIS will make educational resources available to you at no cost. In addition, we shall provide no-cost developer licenses to enable you to exercise the new skills and techniques you gain.

No-cost eLearning Courses
From now until August 1, 2020, we are providing no-charge access to our eLearning site. The site has fresh new material covering the Barista rapid application development tool, software development best practices, and Business BASIC development tools (BDT). Other courses of note include an Introduction to the BBx Language, Database Management, the application building block AddonSoftware ERP solution, and Jaspersoft Studio (a WYSIWYG graphical report creation tool for report design).

Use this opportunity to obtain new skills or to brush up on your existing skills.
  • Barista Application Framework - CUI to GUI - $1,185 No Charge
  • Business BASIC Development Tools - $1,185 No Charge
  • Software Development, Best Practices - $395 No Charge
  • Jaspersoft Studio - $395 No Charge
  • Business BASIC Development Tools (BDT) - $1,185 No Charge
  • AddonSoftware Accounting/Distribution/Manufacturing - $395 each No Charge
Review the courses available from BASIS’ eLearning site, create your free account, and select ‘Enroll Me’ for the courses you are interested in.

Training Support
To provide support for Q&A during your eLearning course(s) we have created an eLearning Google group email forum that you will be subscribed to where you can post your questions and perhaps assist others with your new-found knowledge. Even though our engineers will be monitoring the group, please be aware that we anticipate a high enrollment volume and that answering your questions may take longer than usual.

No-Cost Developer's Kit License
We will supply you with a 3-user Developer’s Kit license, valid for 6-months at no cost, for the hands-on class exercises. Contact for your license.
No-cost distance learning has never come at a more appropriate time. You may have downtime that presents an opportunity to upskill or re-skill yourselves with the robust development tools available from BASIS. Those new skills and knowledge will enable you to be more efficient, productive, and capable of continuing to provide innovative technical solutions within your workplace.

While it’s unclear how long this crisis will last, I believe that we will overcome it. When that happens, your expertise will be needed by businesses to resume their regular operations. And, BASIS will be ready to assist.
Stay safe, stay healthy!
BASIS International Ltd. |