Dear Bolts Families:

These are unprecedented times. The spread of the Coronavirus has upended everyday life for all of us. I hope you and your family are staying healthy.
Entering our 34 th year, Boston Bolts have had challenges to overcome in the past. We want to assure you that the health and safety of our players, coaches and families are our number one priority and our mission remains to provide you with top quality soccer programs. We are grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from our teams and staff, as well as our facilities, leagues, partner clubs, sponsors, etc.
We are so proud to see that while our community takes the required break from soccer to stay home and help save lives, that so many of us are still staying connected, being creative, giving back, continuously practicing and helping each other.

Communication Plan
Going forward we want to let you know about a revision to our communication plan. We realize some of our players and families are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of school work they are receiving and that remote learning is certainly a change to the norm for the players, siblings and parents. We realize many of you are still working in your full time roles as well as playing the role of school teacher, counselor and soccer coach so hope this will help you. For those of you working on the front lines as essential employees; we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the sacrifices you are making for all of us during this time. 

To help lessen the amount of emails you receive, Bolts club emails will be sent out on Tuesdays and we will continue with the Bolts Insider newsletters on Fridays. These emails may include tasks and activities as well as updates from leagues.
Weekly tasks for the players to work on will be individual skill based, fun challenges to keep the soccer mind working. They are recommended, but optional. The delivery of this information is done mostly through email. Coaches are trying to be sensitive to the home situation and academic work of the players. 

2020 Season
Some of you are asking about the spring season and what that will look like and while no one has a crystal ball, we are planning for potential dates for our return to the pitch. Here at Boston Bolts, our staff is working on contingency plans for whenever we are given the all clear to start up again. Realistically it looks like the spring season will be pushed to the summer months – June/July/August. Soccer leagues and clubs are hoping to avoid cancellation of the spring season altogether, but the highest priority for all of us right now is to follow the advice of health experts. We will let you know as soon as we hear any updates from the leagues. Many of our coaches, who are also college coaches, know that the college recruiting process has been affected during this pandemic. We are planning on venues where you can showcase your talents on the field when that becomes possible.

2020-2021 Season
The Bolts are committed to all of our players. With that in mind, club leadership has decided to guarantee roster spots for all current players in the club for the 2020-2021 season and there will be no increase in tuition and fees for next year. We will also offer extended payment plans (longer than what is offered currently).

There are remaining issues to be addressed, depending on the outcome of Spring 2020 season, but we are staying committed to providing quality service to all of our members. This is an unprecedented challenge for all of us. We are very grateful for your support, flexibility and patience as we navigate this.

Stay safe and healthy.

Boston Bolts
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