June, 2, 2020

D ear Chamber Members & Cross Plains Community,

In the last week, much of our focus has been on the safest way to “reopen the economy". However, we at the Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce are aware that there is more than one pandemic affecting our greater community and local economy. We know that we don’t have the perfect words to address the death of George Floyd and other racist actions happening throughout our country, but we believe that to be silent is to be complicit. We have a platform and it is our duty to Black business owners, employees, and community members to use it. 

The CPACC Mission states: “ Promote a strong economy and high quality life for our Chamber Members and the Cross Plains Area Community” 

CPACC pledges our commitment to ensure that the “high quality of life” we promote is inclusive of individuals from all different races, cultures, ethnicities, religions, backgrounds and orientations. We are dedicated to understanding the history of racism to ensure that all of the members of our organization and community are valued, respected, and supported regardless of race.  

The Cross Plains Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors & Executive Director