January 22, 2021

Dear Barrington 220 Community: 

First, I want to thank you for your cooperation and patience this week as we successfully implemented Hybrid 2.0. It has been wonderful to see students and staff back together in our school buildings. I also want to acknowledge those families who have chosen to continue with Distance Learning full time, specifically the families and staff at the elementary level, some of whom have successfully navigated new classroom assignments as well as other adjustments. 

As long as we continue wearing our masks, washing our hands, and watching our distance I am confident that the second half of this school year will look much different than the last few months. We are constantly considering opportunities for students to be in our buildings more often. In fact, beginning on Monday, Jan. 25 Barrington High School is ready to invite ALL SENIORS who wish to attend school in person, for five days a week for a full day.  

This change at BHS comes after a significant number of high school students and families recently shifted their learning selection from in-person to Distance Learning. These shifts have created the opportunity to allow in-person students to attend more regularly. The high school and other schools in the district will continue monitoring attendance numbers to pursue additional opportunities in the coming weeks and months to get students back in our buildings more often. 

Finally, we will continue to advocate with the IDPH and the IHSA to allow co-curricular activities to resume. At this time all low and medium-risk IHSA sports have been approved to resume. We will continue to maximize our students’ participation in co-curricular activities as the situation evolves.   

Have a good weekend!