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An update from Dr. Brian Harris: October 14, 2020
Dear Barrington 220 Community: 

During my presentation of the Hybrid Learning plan at the Oct. 6 Board of Education meeting, I discussed how periodically there may be specific classrooms or schools that have to return to Distance Learning mode due to a high number of COVID-19 cases. 

We have been monitoring our health metrics this week on the Northwestern Medicine dashboard. For the first time yesterday we exceeded the Step 3 threshold for Metric #1 (New Cases), when looking at the average of all Barrington 220 zip codes (60010, 60110, 60192, 60021). After further review of the individual zip code data, it is clear that the increase for Metric #1 in the 60110 zip code has been trending significantly above the other zip codes.

Barrington 220 has one school, Sunny Hill Elementary, located in the 60110 zip code. Ninety-nine percent of the students who attend Sunny Hill reside in the 60110 zip code.

We have consulted with our public health officials and we agree that all students who attend Sunny Hill Elementary will remain on Distance Learning next week. We will continue to monitor the situation for that school community and consider a future date to move to the Hybrid mode.

*All other schools in the district will move forward with the Hybrid plan on Monday, Oct. 19. If you previously signed your child up for Hybrid learning and wish to make a change based on this information, please contact your school principal.*

As a reminder, we must all continue working together to keep our community healthy. We have many mitigation procedures in place for the return of our students. If your child is planning to return to school in the Hybrid mode on Oct. 19, please remember to complete the COVID-19 Symptom Screening BEFORE heading to school each day. I also urge you to continue wearing your mask, washing your hands and maintaining social distance.  
Dr. Brian Harris
Superintendent of Schools
515 W. Main Street, Barrington, IL 60010
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