The Rev. David Lynch; Rector; Episcopal Church of the Resurrection; Blue Springs, MO
From the Rector . . .                         April 29, 2016
Dear Resurrection family,
Fr. David Lynch _
Fr. David Lynch

Mak ing the most of our time together is important to me as your pastor.  We will once again celebrate being together as families this Sunday, May 1st when we also celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and a big meal together in the parish hall.  This means there will be no Sunday School this coming Sunday.

I am grateful to Mrs. Jan Brill and Mrs. Maura Zumwalt for their dedication to our children in Diana Trammel's absence.
I am very pleased to announce that we have called a new Sunday school teacher in Gabriella Benson.  Gabriella (not Gaby), is a cradle Episcopalian having grown up in our diocese, active as a youth in diocesan programs and has served in youth leadership roles with the diocese.  She has an 18th month old son, Jessiah and she will begin as our teacher on Sunday May 8th. 
I encourage us (especially families with children) to come just a bit earlier on May 8th to introduce yourselves and say hello. 
I am hopeful that we will have a chance to celebrate Gabriella and Sheria in recognition as the ones who care for our children on May 15th, after we celebrate the 10:30 service of the Feast of Pentecost.
This will also be a time to specifically recognize and thank Sheria for her care, time and commitment in the nursery.
Sunday School
A Teacher's Prayer

Father, please fill me with your understanding as I instruct others,
Help me to see the individual potential of every student I teach.
Father, please fill me with your patience as I teach others,
Help me to keep giving of my time and energy, especially to those who struggle the most.
Father, please give me your divine wisdom as I am with my class,
Show me when I must discipline and when I can show mercy.
Father, help me to depend totally on You,
For You are the source of my strength, courage and peace.

Father, above all, may I love and care for each student I teach.
Show me how to serve as Christ serves
Give as Christ gives
Love as Christ loves.

I ask all this in the precious name of Jesus,
My Saviour and friend.


(A modern teachers prayer from

Blessings and best wishes..

Fr. David