This is a great opportunity to work with Jen for a fair price and receive amazing results!
Happy New Year Everyone!

        I personally wanted to invite you to join my 3rd Get Phat Online Challenge. For 8 weeks I will provide you with a standard cardio, workout, and meal plan. These plans will be super easy to follow and you do not need a gym membership.

My team and I will be here 24/7 for questions and support. You can contact us via email, phone, or text. The winner of Challenge #2 lost a total of 24lbs in just 8 weeks. And received a check for $2000. The winner of challenge #3 will receive half of the total entries.

All of us at Get Phat Online look forward to helping you get the body you want in 2016.  SIGN UP HERE
Thanks for trusting in us!


Jen Hendershott
Get Phat Inc. 
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