2016 Winter Moth Control

I would first
like to wish all of our clientele a Happy New Year and hope that each enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.

As the spring of 2016 approaches, there are a few topics that I would like to bring your attention to, specifically the onset of Winter Moth outbreak. Due to the abnormally warm temperatures that we all faced in the North Shore this past December, you may have noticed small moth like insects around your car head lights, front outdoor lights, glowing Christmas decorations, etc. These nuisance insects are what will become winter moth caterpillar the following spring. These moths being in such high numbers last December will begin to wreak havoc on your outdoor landscape plantings this up-coming spring, chewing on the leaves eventually leaving them "skeletonized." If not treated, two or three years of defoliation can result in the death of plant material even large hearty shade trees.

Cole is now offering a winter moth eradication treatment as part of ou
r overall Plant Health Care program to rid properties of this nuisance pest. This treatment involves selective spraying on all plant material which is susceptible to Winter Moth damage.

The Winter Moth treatment uses products that will go after other irritating pests, such as over wintering insects, that will damage ornamental plantings and large shade trees.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any interest in the 2016 Plant Health Care program. You may email or call the office for more information. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for doing business with us.


Ken Burke
Plant Health Care/Lawn Care Division Manager
Cole Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc.

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