It was the first week at Marshall's 584.  Thank you for your positive feedback. It was very rewarding to me, thanks to you and all of the client friends who experienced the new, fresh environment and of course had awesome workouts. 

From time to time, I will be sending you information on proper workout techniques, nutritional ideas, and other general wellness items that just might help you improve your general attitude about "life and the pursuit of happiness"!!

Here is an article from one of my favorite strength training guru's, Drew Baye. I highly recommend reading it.  Want to improve your workout results?  Just click and read!

Consistency is the name of the game.  Without consistency,  you will not obtain the results you are trying to reach. Try to strength train at least once a week.  Yes, you go on vacation, or something else comes up, illness, etc.  But for the most part, try to maintain a routine in strength.  The benefits can result in improvements in posture, attitude, muscle tone, blood pressure, cholesterol, fat loss, and of course a great stress reducer and strong bones.

Our theme this week is for you to get back to basics on the leg press.  Your weights will be lowered so you can effectively begin the exercise SLOWLY.  The slower you start out, the deep tissues of the gluteus muscles get targeted more effectively. A firmer butt muscle improves your metabolism.  It's the largest, strongest and most important muscle of the body. It also helps improve your posture and makes sitting down, standing, climbing stairs and picking up heavy objects easier.  So, do your self a favor when you visit your next leg press:  Think slow and think about the muscle you are sitting on!!! The mind plays a big role on achieving better results when working out at Marshall's 584. "Focus and you shall achieve".

See you soon. Have a strong week!


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"Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Life"