Advent Lutheran Church IMPORTANT INFORMATION !!

                                            April 7, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I want to express to each of you how very sorry I am that our Palm Sunday service was not available until Monday morning.  We thought we were on the right track to deliver it straight to YouTube but there were some very significant technical difficulties.   We tried very hard to get it to work but were not able to work out the issues.  I am hopeful that you have now taken some time to view it through the link on our website.

Holy Week is the most meaningful week in the life of Christians and we want to make it as special for you in this limited environment as we can.  Below is information about how to access information on the website but first I want to share my invitation to you in preparation for Easter Sunday.

(Action needed by Thursday morning)

Pastor Ward is extending an invitation to the congregation to participate in the Easter Worship Service.   Here's how!

First, take a video:
  1. Take a short video of yourselves saying the Easter greeting -- "ALLELUIA!  CHRIST IS RISEN!  CHRIST IS RISEN INDEED.   ALLELUIA!"
  2. The video should be very short, approximately 15-20 seconds.  A longer video could be too large to email.  Be creative and joyful!
  3. It can be families, individuals...  everyone can get in on the Easter greeting.
Next ....  take a second video or a picture.
  1. Make a video or take a picture of yourselves waving a ALLELUIA flag like we do on Easter Sunday morning.
  2. Get everyone in the family involved.  Adults can make the flags, draw ALLELUIA and color it.  Whatever creative way you would like to share Alleluia is great!
  3. For those who do not do a video, take a picture and send it to be included in a video that will be prepared by Pastor Ward.
When you have everything ready, click here to be directed to the Member's Dashboard and you will find a link there to click on and send your video(s) or picture.

Pastor Ward will put all of the videos together with the song, "Halle, Halle" in a special video for Easter Sunday Worship.  

What are you waiting on ...  go get started!

I encourage you to go to the Advent website page to see the latest listings and updates which give all of us opportunities to 'Stay Connected' while we are unable to gather.   I think you will be pleased with all the information that is currently available on the website, including not only the Palm Sunday service but also the Monday and Tuesday reflections.    More will be coming throughout the week.

Also, check out the Connections tab.   All recent eNEWS publishes are now listed there as well as all the recent videos that have been created since we entered the "Stay at Home" mandate.   

Praying that all of you have a blessed Holy Week as we prepare to celebrate our Savior's resurrection virtually together and in our hearts.

Pastor Ward

Our regular weekly eNEWS will be sent on Thursday, April 9th