The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity to prepare for the health and safety of our communities. Across Peace River Center’s locations in Polk, Highlands and Hardee counties, we have been hard at work to ensure continuity of care while adhering to our number one priority: protecting our clients, employees, and community. Through all of this, Peace River Center remains operational to ensure our clients and patients are getting the care they need. We are being responsive to emerging rules and requirements as well as following CDC guidelines.

First and foremost - We are here for you. 
Coping with stress, fear and anxiety about the COVID-19 and its effects on your health, your job, and your loved ones can be overwhelming. 

Our Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) is a free 24-hour community resource available to anyone experiencing emotional distress due to COVID-19. You can reach our free 24-hour Crisis Line by calling (863) 519-3744 or (800) 627-5906.

In addition to higher levels of general anxiety and depression, these stressful times can cause a spike in domestic disputes and sexual assault. If you need help, our services are available by calling the Victim Services Crisis Lines: (863) 413-2700 (Polk) or (863) 386-1167 (Hardee/Highlands). Victim Services advocates are also set up with telehealth access to continue to provide interventions and safety planning. 

We are ready to provide services via Telehealth for psychiatry and primary care. Our Outpatient and Substance Use providers and therapists are set up with access to telehealth capability so that clients can connect with their provider without having to be face to face. In an effort to be responsive to emerging rules and requirements regarding COVID-19 as well as following CDC guidelines as of Wednesday, March 25, we are limiting our walk-in access at all locations.  We will not be able to accommodate non-emergency walk-ins until further notice. If you would like to engage in services, we can set you up with telehealth options for psychiatric or primary care needs. Please contact our Access to Care at (863) 248-3311.

Our Lakeland and Bartow Crisis Campuses and Crisis Stabilization Units remain open at this time and operate 24/7. We are screening all admissions following the CDC requirements. Patient visitation has been modified to ensure the health and safety of our staff and patients.

Recovery Services staff are also utilizing web-based tools to connect and provide services and engagement during social isolation. Social isolation can intensify anxiety and depression, connecting with our clients daily or as self-driven by the client is imperative for recovery. 

Whether you need immediate emotional support to stabilize your current fears and anxieties or you need help with your mental health and recovery beyond these uncertain times, we are here for you. We are in this together - as your behavioral health organization.