Why the Summit Land Conservancy supports Park City's  Open Space Bond...

Photo: Mark Maziarz

The Summit Land Conservancy works with our communities to protect and preserve land and water for the benefit of people and nature.

We seek win-win solutions for the community and landowners.  The Conservancy serves our community by providing clear information. This information comes from the best resources we can find. Summit Land Conservancy supports Park City's Open Space Bond, and here's why...

Saving open space protects our quality of life and our resort economy.
  • Everyone comes to Park City because it's beautiful here. For 20 years, our community has supported open space bonds because it's the only way to protect that beauty.

  • Saving Treasure Hill affirms our previous investments in open space from the McPolin Farm to Round Valley and more.

  • If the bond passes, all development rights will be extinguished and 123 acres adjacent to Old Town will be protected for public recreation, view sheds, and wildlife habitat with a permanent conservation easement.
The long term sustainability and affordability of our community depends on preserving open space.
  • Protected open space increases property values but results in lower taxes because open space does not require the community to pay for the increased roads, sewers, and services that new development requires.
  • Bonds are a temporary tax increase.
We hear over and over again that people want development to stop.
  • A bond is the most responsible way for the community to permanently retire the Treasure entitlements, and protect the open spaces, the views, and the moose habitat forever.
  • The $64 million purchase price is based on comparable sales. The developer is entitled to over 200 Old Town lots. Such lots are currently selling for $1 million or more. Sales of resort development property in Deer Valley reflect an even higher price point.  

We have hoped for this opportunity for 30 years. Let's not pass it up.


Open space: The heart of our community.
Open space: The heart of our community.

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