Dear TPAC Community:

As a full-service arts school, TPAC has actively worked to create an inclusive environment for all of our participants. We are aware of the injustice and ongoing racial violence happening in the world -- in particular against the Black community -- and we aim to be a part of the solution. We condemn all forms of racism and injustice. We stand with the Black community and we believe Black lives matter. 

As an organization, we have work to do. 

•We will reexamine the work we do to include more racially diverse voices, both in our hiring process and in our classrooms. 

•We will reevaluate our decision-making processes in regards to selecting and discussing plays, musicals, choreography story lines and music. 

•Our staff and leadership team will undergo anti-bias education and action.
Through the arts and through our commitment to be a place where everyone gets to be in the limelight, TPAC will continue to be an inclusive organization and one that moves closer to equity and justice.

In partnership,

Samantha Bower
Owner/Artistic Director