Hello VBA Members!
We (Bob Fletcher and Andrew Manitsky) are the co-chairs of the VBA’s new COVID-19 Committee. We are writing to introduce ourselves, and to let you know that we are here to answer questions and help the membership as best as we can through this period. At the bottom of this email is a list of the COVID-19 Committee members, and the Committee Charge and Designation.
But really, we are writing now just to say hello, and to ask this question:  How are you? We know that folks are stressed, and that the challenges of meeting client needs, eating healthy and exercising, homeschooling and caring for kids, keeping up to date on the news (but not too much!), and following the new guidelines from the various courts is overwhelming at times. Please take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone. Everyone is feeling this way.
We would like to have a conversation with you, and share ideas about how to reduce the stress. Have you found a great new recipe? A new show on Netflix? Please let us know! (And if you want to speak on the phone, we would be so happy to hear from you.) Also, if you are in contact with attorneys who aren’t VBA members (and so aren’t on our email distribution list), please share this email (and this LINK to the new VBA COVID-19 Resource Page) with them, too!
Have a great weekend!
Best regards,
Bob Fletcher   rfletcher@firmspf.com (cell: 802-343-3593)
Andrew Manitsky   amanitsky@lynnlawvt.com (cell: 802-999-7150)
COVID-19 Committee
Composition  Co-Chairs: Bob Fletcher and Andrew Manitsky
  • YLD Rep (Amy Davis, Esq.)
  • WD Rep (Samantha Lednicky, Esq. - acting rep)
  • Govt Non-Profit Division Rep (Jim Porter, Esq.)
  • Lawyers’ Well-Being Commission Rep (Mike Kennedy, Esq,)
  • County Bar Presidents – 3 Reps (Leslie Black, Esq., Jim Dingley, Esq., and Dave Gurtman, Esq.)                     
  • Section Chairs – 3 Reps (Steve Ellis, Esq., Greg Weimer, Esq. and Bridget Asay, Esq.)
  • Former Board Member: (Francesca Bove, Esq.)
  • Access to Justice Coalition Rep (Jill Rudge, Esq.)                      
Charge & Designation
  • The Ad Hoc COVID-19 Committee is charged with ascertaining what COVID-19 issues are impacting the legal community and their clients
  • providing guidance regarding those issues
  • providing COVID-19 resources to the bar such as best practice guides and trainings
  • Wellness for attorneys, especially those who are isolated, vulnerable or experiencing work challenges
  • Recommendations as to how the VBA or its members can answer the Governor’s call to serve – what are the ways in which VBA members can serve the larger VT community or engage in community relief efforts in connection with COVID 19
  • The Committee will utilize a VBA Connect Community to communicate with the bar and to house resources. It will continue for as long as the VBA Board directs.  
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