Dear WMLL softball families,
We hope that you all are doing as well as can be expected during these difficult times! As you may recall, yesterday was originally scheduled to be Opening Day for Rookie, Minor & Major League softball. It would have been wonderful to start WMLL's 2020 softball season on a day with such beautiful weather. Instead, WMLL's spring/summer season continues to be in a holding pattern.

While there are currently many unknowns, there is still real hope for a meaningful season though. The Board of Directors is working hard to keep WMLL prepared to resume activities as soon as it is safe & responsible to do so.

  • Regular Season: To date, coaches have been selected, drafts have taken place & teams have been formed. We look forward to beginning practices & games when the time is right and to playing as many games as possible while retaining a fairly normal schedule cadence.  A wide variety of possible alternative scenarios to the standard spring/summer season are being considered – including a possible extension of the season into August.  

  • U10 & U12 Tournament "All Star" Teams: To date, coaches have been selected & the teams have been registered in three tournaments each. We look forward to conducting tryouts, selecting players & beginning practices soon after WMLL resumes activities. Click HERE for more information about the tournament teams.
In uncertain times, it's nice to have good news! It is a pleasure to report that thanks to an amazing group of players, families & coaches, WMLL Softball continues to grow in strength & numbers!

  • Since last year, WMLL softball has expanded by 16 players (134 vs. 118), two teams (12 vs. 10) & one league (the Rookie League)! As witnessed in Fall Ball 2019, the addition of the Rookie League & the realignment of age divisions for players LL age 12 & under is fantastic from player development & game play perspectives!

  • Looking a bit further back, WMLL softball for ages 12 & under has expanded by 42 players since 2017 - from 68 players to 110 players...a 62% increase!

While WMLL is striving to deliver a spring/summer season that is as full as reasonably possible, it is clear that a shortened season will likely be inevitable. The Board feels that a prudent decision about any potential registration fee refunds cannot be made until full details of the actual 2020 season are known – which may be as late as mid-August.  In the meantime, however, t he Board has developed a policy to provide more immediate support to families experiencing pandemic-related financial difficulties. Please contact any of us for more information.

We will continue to share news & provide updates as new information becomes available. Until then, please take care and stay safe!

Barry Vredenbregt, Fern Knepp, Michele Gassman, Scott Fossum & Brian Beutter
WMLL Softball Operations Committee