My name is Vicky Juan and I am a teacher at Camp iRock Virtual Edition.

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical of how efficient Camp iRock would work with a digital platform, but I am thrilled to say that I could not be prouder of the results I am witnessing. These students and their families are just blowing me away with their enthusiasm and work ethic. They show up for class ready to learn and ready to work.
I thought I would share some comical anecdotes from my students this week.
  • I have a student who chooses to come to two, and sometimes three, reading groups each day. When I explained, he only had to attend his assigned reading group time, he told me “I like to see you and hear you talk about good books.”
  • Another student was so “on fire” about reading in his Reading Nook, that he read for 2 ½ hours. He said, “Mrs. Juan I just couldn’t put it down. I think I read like five chapters! 'Aliens Next Door' is now my favorite book EVER!"

  • I even had a student come to class Friday morning. We don’t have class on Fridays. I am so happy to see that these students and their families are so dedicated to attending class meetings. I love the way students and parents are making Camp iRock a priority!
In just a few days, these students have not only shown up to attend digital classes, but have actively participated both during class times and after class. Students are completing assigned tasks and are working hard. The students I serve are rising fourth graders. If I do my job well, I can reach these students and can strengthen their reading foundation.

The support from parents in Camp iRock this summer has been so encouraging. As a teacher, I can see these parents are going that extra mile. I usually have at least four parents or grandparents who are online with their students. I have parents helping to trouble-shoot with connection issues and parents that are helping students connect after-hours to make-up a class session they missed.

It is truly inspiring to see the thirst for learning that these students have. With more than two decades as classroom teacher, I don’t know if I have seen parental support parallel with what I have already witnessed in Camp iRock.

I can honestly say that all of my students have had a productive week and are better readers and mathematical thinkers than they were a week ago. As a contributor of United Way, I am so thrilled to see the funds I have given serve these students and my community.

Again, thank you!