Thinking over recent and not-so-recent events that have gone on in our cities and country, we do not want to be silent on the things we have seen. We especially want our clients, colleagues, and professional partners to know where we stand.

We want and we expect our world to be a safe environment, where everyone is respected and valued, regardless of race, religion, or any other basis. What we hear in media conversations, and in everyday discourse with others, is that people of color, now more than perhaps ever before, are feeling significant pain. We believe this should not go unaddressed. We acknowledge the hatred that’s happening in the world, and it’s important to us that you know that we don’t condone it and that we find it appalling. 

We are all exposed to and fighting two viruses right now: COVID and racism. We wear masks to protect against COVID, but masks conceal how we feel. We must work together, as one, to combat racism of all kinds. Unfortunately, there will never be a vaccine for the cultural pandemic that hit us all in the face with the death of George Floyd. People of color face that type of racism on a regular basis and that needs to be acknowledged, confronted and stopped. 

We are here to listen and to understand if you ever want to talk about injustices, whether you experience them personally or not. By openly discussing the racial injustice that is, sadly, ingrained in our civilization, we can take the first step towards eradicating it. We owe this – and more -- to our ethnically diverse friends, neighbors, clients and co-workers as well as to future generations.  

At Lane & Lane, we will never condone or tolerate any type of bigotry. You have our word on that.

— The Lane & Lane Team
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