“The LORD my God my shepherd is; how could I want or need?”
F. Bland Tucker para Ps 23:1

Dear friends,

Please know that I am holding you in my prayers and ask you to hold each other in prayer during these anxious and uncertain times. 

During this crisis we are called to be present with and empower one another with resources to support decisions for more abundant life .

Being Present through pastoral care, worship and meeting

Our Pastoral Care leaders are getting in touch with members over 60 who live alone or with chronic/acute illness. We want to be in touch if you are quarantined. Please let us know. Don’t go this alone! 

Following the guidance of our Bishop, Grace Episcopal will suspend congregational worship until further notice. We are livestreaming Morning Prayer 830am weekdays through our facebook page . Join us! We will also live stream Sunday 1030am through our facebook page . This will be a shorter service with music, the gospel, a message, prayers. We will suspend the celebration of Eucharist over the last two Sundays in Lent until Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Easter.

Small Groups
We are using Zoom Video Conferencing for meetings. If you want to participate in prayer group, bible study, committee meetings, vestry meetings, etc, please sign up for a zoom account and check our email and website for meeting times.

Please share your stories witnessing the presence of the Lord in and through the lives of your neighbors. Tell us your ideas about how we can be present with and for each other.

Resources for empowerment

Let’s help each other find reliable resources for health, safety, happiness, and well being.

Get and share information about the virus from the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health .

If you or a neighbor needs help with food, shelter, rent, utilities or anything else related to daily needs. Contact RARA at 463-6642. We support them and they will direct people to us for help through our Mission Emergency Fund.

Learn to use ZOOM and video streaming!

Share other resources you find empowering!

None of us can find the way alone, and even if we could, every journey is better with a friend. God is with you. Be present to God. 

“Then surely I can trust thy love for all the days to come, that I may tell thy praise, and dwell forever in thy home.” Ps 23:6 

With gratitude,

Tuck Bowerfind, Rector
Grace Episcopal Church, Lexington