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Marcia's GoFundMe
Eecole and John
Eecole Copen and her Dad, John Copen on a visit to Astoria last weekend

Well, it's been a fun month at Albert HQ. I was about to pick up and move (I was Going to Going) and then did an abrupt turnaround and stayed put in SE Portland. While my friend Marcia of Wileyware fame was off in the desert I got a GofundMe campaign going to support some of her art projects. Hilariously, the campaign is stuck $1 short of the goal at the moment - and it's impossible to donate only $1... It was a Summer of camping with friends and festivals, of course.  Here's my short festival review:

1. Summer Solstice Healing Retreat (#20) - This is always my favorite way to start the summer at Breitenbush with a group of people who put on workshops for one another in my favorite setting on the planet
2. Many great camp-outs and river house visits with friends - unbelievably sweet, precious times.  The Sacred Circle Dance Camp-Out this year featured silent disco headphones! That was a neat addition! 
3. Oregon Country Faire (#7, 8?): Thanks to Miss Marcia and Wileyware I get to be on the inside of a very remarkable faire each year. We're selling Wileyware - but at the same time reuniting with friends, visiting the Ritz as frequently as possible, and wandering the woods at night - much merriment - a great time was had by all! 
Wileyware 2015
The latest 2015 Wileyware Style
3. Beloved Festival (#8). (photos in this link by Carlton Ward) (If you want to see one of the most visually stimulating stages in the world.... click on that link :)  This year's Beloved Festival got tangled in my above-mentioned decision to move so I came late and left early. This festival is one of the most delicious gatherings - great music, food, dance, setting - and intention - more crowded than in past years, but still super high vibration.
4. Singing Alive (#2) - My first visit back to Singing Alive in years. What a delight - one of the smaller gatherings (450 ppl or so), lovely venue; collective cooking; family-friendly; no generators; light on the land - a delight. 
5. Burning Man (would have been my 15th). I generally meditate on the 439 reasons not to go to Burning Man each year - this year the reasons not to go, outweighed the 439 reasons to go. As one friend said it "we've had a lot of smoke this year in the Pacific NW, we don't need more fire right now". So, I don't know if I'm done with the event, or just took a year off. We'll see in 2016 :)  Though I didn't attend, there was a way I felt more connected to the event this year and in touch with it than ever before. I spent the week connecting with a very cool bunch of people who connected around not going but keeping the spirit alive. That led to a lot of random acts of kindness on all our parts - we spurred each other on all week.   

These are a few of my favorite things:
Eric, True Body Intelligence
Know where this is
Our Dance Camp-out Secret Spot on the Clackamas River, Oregon

Making mail with my visiting posties Fluffe and Phil

My continuing favorite body-worker is Eric Fair-Layman. I'm having my body worked on in new ways and I'm loving the results. If you want to turn it up a notch and meet someone amazing, find him at Evolution Health and Fitness. Evolution also has a high-altitude chamber - walk inside and feel what it's like to be at 11,000 feet! 

This Tim Ferris podcast with body-builder Charles Poliquin blew my mind.

My recent business news is here. I'm excited to offer a free webinar next Tuesday on SUBJECT LINES! Visit with me! If you'd like to be added to by biz announcement list, just let me know.

The book that is blowing me away right now is David Schnarch's latest, Intimacy & Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your RelationshipSchnarch wrote Passionate Marriage: Keeping Love and Intimacy Alive in Committed Relationships, also a winner, but this new book is ground-shaking and will improve a lot of relationships (also relationship with one's self...). 

Vancouver, BC friends - or, share this with your Vancouver, BC friends. My friend, Eleanor O'Brien, DANCE NAKED PRODUCTIONS, is doing her play, Lust and Marriage, @ the fringe festival through 9.20. Go! 

I'm always looking for fun venues to hold classes in the Portland metro area. If you have one or would like to host me, please let me know! 
Call to Action: Last, but not least I want to say a word to you about Bernie Sanders.  Senator Sanders is running for President. We'd be lucky to have him. He doesn't do negative campaigning. How unusual is that?  Whether or not he wins the Democratic primary, I'd love to see more of his ideas reach the public for debate, discussion and education. Please join me in helping to spread these ideas out to a wider audience.

I hope you've enjoyed this issue of the Eleven. Have a great weekend, a great rest of your Summer and I look forward to collaborating in the future to make the world a better place!


Albert Kaufman

PS - I'm getting a landline ( keeping cell...) on September 15th. I'm doing this because the sound quality on cellphones is not as good as a landline.  My new number will be 503-239-1146. 

Happy New Year! L'Shana Tova! The Jewish new year begins on Sunday at sundown! 
It's typical to eat honey and apples on rosh hashanah - give it a try