About the Course
This powerful social media liability course for investigators makes you legally smart real fast on hidden liabilities in using social media to collect and communicating evidence.to third parties. Through information-packed videos, webinars, case law, federal statutes, and realistic scenarios you will gain new skills to filter out words, pictures, audio, and video that could expose you to liability. The big benefits of your new knowledge are two-fold: first, you mitigate your social media liability risk exposure; second,you raise your value and stature among co-workers and clients by being the go-to person for creating and releasing legally safe SMI reports

Your Instructor: Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz
Investigators use my programs because they aren't specialists in social media law and full-time trainers. They rely on my 30 years of specializing in digital media law, researching and training. I have trained over 100,000 professionals, developed hundreds of social media policies, possess mass media experience as a former television anchor at network affiliates, and White House reporter under Presidents Carter and Reagan. My academic credentials are Juris Doctorate St. Thomas Law School, Miami, Florida, Member of The Florida Bar, Masters Public Administration, American University, DC, BA Political Science, American University, DC Questions? Call 954-748-7698

Bonus Program Included: Even when you finish the online course, for the remainder of the year you receive one year of legal updates that includes webinars, podcasts, white papers, case law alerts, and other critical information that keeps you smart on social media investigations.

Main Goals: The first main goal, is to protect investigators from professional and personal liability exposure when collecting and communicating social media evidence to clients, media, and other third parties. The second main goal, is to make sure your social media evidence holds up in court.

Course Methodology: The course consists of two main sections:
Section I: Core Social Media Law Concepts
Section II: Collecting and Communicating Social Media Evidence

Section I consists of fundamental social media law information that gives you a
rock-solid knowledge base to conduct social media investigations with confidence and without legal fears. More specifically, you learn the hidden liabilities of social media libel, First Amendment "Free Speech" issues, privacy, and copyright infringement.

Section II: Building on section I, you learn specialized strategies that help you navigate the new federal social media laws and other legal issues that impact your everyday collection and communication of social media evidence.



Module 7: High Liability Social Media Evidence Collection Issues
  • Airtight Strategies To Collect Meta Data On All Social Media Content
  • Expert Legal Tips To Avoid Entrapment Claims For Fake Social Media Accounts
  • Building A Strong Legal Bubble Around Your Social Media Friending Strategies
  • Avoiding Chain Of Custody and Cloud Data Storage Problems
  • Authenticating Social Media Content
  • Judicially Accepted Methods Of Searching The Surface and Deep Web
  • Setting Up A Tight Protocol To Admit Dark Web Evidence In Court
  • Rock-Solid Policies For Video and Audio Recording Using Social Media Platforms
  • Uncovering Hidden Liabilities In Social Media Platform "Terms Of Service"
  • New Trap-Doors Of Live Streaming Evidence
  • 7 Big Mistakes With Background Investigations
  • How To Safely Collect Evidence With Drones, and Wearable Technology
  • Using Evidence Collected From Internet Of Things
  • Protected vs. Unprotected Opinions On Your Social Media Evidence Reports
  • Hidden Liabilities In The Fair Credit Reporting Act With Background Checks
  • Airtight Policies On Using Social Media Evidence To Qualify or Disqualify Alibis
  • Strategies On That Make Sure Your Social Media Searches Hold Up In Court
  • Using The Proper Automated Harvester That Holds Up In Court
  • Strategies To Legally Shield Use Of Open Source Intelligence and Public Records
  • Writing Your Final Social Media Report Without Liability
  • The Liability Risks Of Cloud Data
  • Protecting Self-Authenticating Social Media Evidence
  • ´╗┐Make sure your geolocation evidence sustains judicial review
  • Legally Validating Your Choice Of Major and Meta Search Engines
  • Making Sure Your Advanced Search Techniques Hold Up In Court
  • More Emerging Issues

Module 8: Avoid Liability Releasing Your SMI Report
  • Avoiding Libel Writing SMI Reports
  • Identifying Libel By Implication In SMI Reports
  • Avoid Trap-Doors Of Drawing Incorrect Inferences From Social Media Content
  • Due Diligence In Communicating SMI Reports To Clients
  • Safe Protocol To Release SMI Reports On Digital Media
  • What Opinions Are Considered Protected Speech In An SMI Report
  • Mitigate Liability Exposure When Releasing SMI Reports To The News Media
  • Avoiding Liability When Clients Release SMI Reports To Other Third Parties
  • The Liability Sending SMI Reports On Cloud Platforms
  • More Emerging Social Media Communication Issues

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