March 23, 2020

Greetings from your YMCA in Greenfield,

Right up front, I will tell you that I am writing to encourage you to continue your YMCA annual membership without interruption. I do so with full recognition that you have every right to put your membership on hold.

Yes, our physical facility is closed and you cannot work out. However, our commitment to help our – and your -- community has not shut down. Rather, that commitment has grown. That growth will continue to accelerate, morphing into a most critical mission: ensuring personal and family health and safety in the face of a horrible virus that is literally waging war upon us.

To win this war, we need all hands on deck. We also need you to keep your membership active. Your ongoing commitment enables us to be resilient and productive on behalf of our community during these chaotic times.

In good times, most people recognize “what” we (your Y) are: a gym, a swim, and a place to exercise and lift weights.

However, during trying, uncertain, and difficult times such as we are all facing, I proudly believe “Why” and “Who” we are defines our purpose, our vision, and our status as an anchor institution in Greenfield and across Franklin County. Why we are is our – and your! -- opportunity to make a positive difference in our towns and villages.

Why we are is to loyally support you – and to earn your trust – as advocate, partner, and leader for Franklin County. Our vision to “Love, Serve, Care” for you is why we aspire to rise above challenges (like Covid-19) to be here in times of critical need for our Pioneer Valley. Advocacy is our organizational passion. Quite frankly, for most of us, helping others is our personal passion, as well; the reason why we all work for you at your Y.

Who we are is 130 years of continuous community advocacy and servant leadership right here in the heart of Franklin County. When you and your neighbors have had need – as many of you surely do right now -- we have been who our members and our friends call upon. Whether it be our Free Store, Blooming Backpacks, food drives, resource fairs, community lunches, summer meals programs, Leaders Club and other youth programming, Y member scholarship aid, …we are who you rely upon. More than ever, in the midst of these stressful times, we are who you can trust. Whether it be personally checking in on you with a personal phone call or standing tall with Mayor Wedegartner and her team, advocating for their goals and your needs, we are who you count on.

Just like every crisis before, we come together now in the name of our humanity. And just like it has been for the last 130 years, your Y is here for good. To that end, right now, in this critical moment of family and community need, more than ever, we need you to stick with us. Please strongly consider continuing your membership without interruption.

To thank you for continuing your membership, we are offering you a financial incentive:

Individual Membership: $30 per month in virtual “Y Bucks” for each full month we are closed

Couple Membership: $40 per month in virtual “Y Bucks” for each full month we are closed

Family Membership: $50 per month in virtual “Y Bucks” for each full month we are closed

Your “Y Bucks” are not cash nor are they redeemable for cash. However, they can be used like cash to offset the cost of YMCA in Greenfield programming, including:

• Cost of enrolling in future fee-based programs: aquatics, gymnastics, cycle classes & more

• Paying for future child care and pre-school services

• Paying your child’s future summer camp tuition

• Purchasing your favorite Y-branded clothing or accessories!

Furthermore, if you have previously enrolled in a class for our current session, you will be credited in full for a future session once we have reopened.

With your support, we have a unique opportunity to determine what our future looks like. We think you will agree with us that our future should be one of generosity, inclusivity, and equal access to critical resources. A future where our young people – the true seeds of our future -- will ascend to become compassionate leaders on behalf of us all.

Thank you for working with us to create that future and to craft a legacy that will forever be loved and never forgotten. We stand at the precipice of a point of inflection. Let’s work together to ensure that our trajectory leads us upward from merely good to absolutely great!

When this time of crisis passes – and it surely will! – we will be standing proudly together, knowing that we helped build a future filled with generosity, inclusivity, and equal access to resources – a generous future defined by “Love, Serve, Care!” We can’t thank you enough for your support. We’re in this together! Thank you for believing in us!

Stay safe,

Grady Vigneau, CEO

PS: Should you need to reach us regarding your membership status, please email us at:

Given Governor Baker’s strict policies on facilities shutdown, our ability to answer our telephones will be extremely limited over the next few weeks or more. 

However, should you wish to leave a voicemail, we will be checking message several times each week. Please dial 413-773-3646, x0 and leave a detailed message when prompted.

Thank you again!

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