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The Truth About Orthotics
What is an Orthotic?
"Orthotic" simply means a device worn inside a shoe. You might see them on commercials or even in your local drugstore.  Read this to make smart choices.

Custom Orthotics:  The real deal.
Orthotics are devices that fit into your shoes to properly align the foot and redistribute pressure to improve foot function and relieve pain. Most foot pain is caused by faulty foot structure and misalignment of the bones and muscles.

Dr. Baldinger's office distributes ready- made orthotics and creates custom orthotics to meet your needs.

Only doctors can create CUSTOM orthotics, which is a prescription medical device made from a non-weight bearing image of your foot.  Orthotics can control alignment, pressure and movement of the foot-preventing pronation or supination (rolling in or out).  

Custom orthotics depend on three factors:  an accurate image of  your foot, the doctor's specific prescription of what your foot needs and the lab/materials that create the orthotic.

Dr. Baldinger makes an actual plaster cast of your foot for accurate imaging. His expertise and area of specialty in gait analysis and biomechanical evaluation for children and adults gives you the best orthotic.  Guaranteed!

Dr. Baldinger can make custom orthotics to fit the shoes you love to wear.

Buyer Beware! Pressure mats and foam images do not work particularly well.  Often the pre-made orthotics sold in our office are more effective and are also very affordable.

Note that orthotics treat a symptom of foot alignment.  They don't actually correct the underlying problem (though they can bring relief).  Dr. Baldinger offers newer and advanced treatments that address the underlying foot problems.  ORTHOTICS NOT WORKING? Talk to us!

Call us to discuss how we can create custom orthotics or other treatments for you:  845-425-8686.
"Dr. Baldinger made my son orthotics twenty years ago and he has been free of back pain ever since!"  Mrs. T., Monroe, NY

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