Shana Tova
Dear ones,

Do you miss our emails? We hope so, cause you are a really important part of our lives. We don't write often (you noticed?), we just figure you are busy with everything going on in your own lives. We only hope you are living your lives with purpose and your daily routines are dotted with blessing, joy and love.

And that is really what we wanted to say. Your family, career, friends, church and even hobbies are so precious, and it touches us deeply that you would be involved in our lives all the way over here in Israel. 

That says a lot about who you are, a whole lot, and to tell you the truth, it stirs us, and challenges us, to get out and get involved ourselves in the lives of others around us, others with whom we can also share something of God's love, just like you do for us.

As we begin the celebration of the Jewish New Year this evening with our families and friends, allow us a moment to thank you for being there for us throughout this past year. As you have heard (those infrequent letters), this has been an extraordinary year for us at Beit Immanuel as God is answering our prayers, yours and ours, in ways new and exciting.

Young people are giving their lives to Yeshua, older folks are getting involved, new home groups have started around town, we are able to continuing blessing holocaust survivors, sick folks are getting help and healing, single mom's and their kids are being strengthened, and so much more (we need to write more!).

So God be thanked for the gift of your friendship throughout this year, and for the many years past you walked together with us (some of you for over 35 years!) in the quest of His love for Israel.

May He alone who makes Shalom, give you Shalom, and Shalom on Israel.

As we say in Israel, Shana Tova, may you all have a Sweet and Blessed New Year!

David Lazarus
For Beit Immanuel