A Message of Gratitude from Dean Thomason
Dear friends,
Perhaps you have noticed the “Gratitude” hanging in the nave that has lifted our eyes upward in recent weeks, inviting us to ponder the Spirit’s moving in our midst even as the ribbons gently sway in the room. The bright lamps cast light downward along the ribbons and onto our uplifted faces. There is a sense of Presence in the space, made holy by the community’s gathering… by your presence, too, in-person and via livestream. 

Our Stewardship Ingathering is this coming Sunday, October 30, and we will present all the pledge cards at the altar during the morning services. If you have already submitted your pledge (regardless of format), your pledge card will be there. If you have not yet made your pledge, I hope you will. You can do so online at saintmarks.org/stewardship or by contacting Erik Donner in the church office by emailing [email protected] or calling 206.323.0300 ext. 217. He will include your pledge in those presented as blessings in this community as we engage our mission and ministries in the coming year. By presenting these at the altar, we consecrate them as gifts, as offerings of our life and labor. 

If Saint Mark’s Cathedral is a place of spiritual connection for you, this is a tangible way of giving thanks for that connection, and to take your place in this wonderful community that spans the generations. You gift matters… no matter how large or small! 

I will share below some data about the pledges received as of Wednesday, October 26. Many more are still to come, but I share these numbers as a sign of the remarkable generosity, offered by so many, so that this cathedral will continue to serve as a house of prayer, a beacon of hope, and a sacred community engaged in the work of God’s justice and peace, all while proclaiming the reconciling good news of God in Christ to a broken, hurting world. I am so honored to be part of this community in this place and at this time, with you. Please know of my gratitude for YOU! I am,

Gratefully yours,
The Very Reverend Steven L. Thomason
Dean and Rector
Stewardship by the numbers, as of October 26, 2022
197 pledges received, totaling $870,041
86 pledges increased from prior year, for total increase of $46,978
13 pledges decreased from prior year, for total decrease of $18,402
87 pledges the same as last year, for total of $434,510
11 new pledges this year, for total of $11,550
197 pledges received thus far, out of total of 500 pledges expected. 

Visit saintmarks.org/stewardship to make a pledge for the coming year, and contact Erik Donner in the cathedral office with any questions about the details of your pledge: [email protected] or 206.323.0300 x217