Dear Congregants and Beloved Friends,

Marilyn and I are back in Charleston after being cleared for travel by my doctors at the Cleveland Clinic. We came home this afternoon and when my cardiologist sees me in a few weeks, I hope to begin cardiac rehab and return to normal life.

Throughout open heart surgery and post op, I have remarkably felt almost no pain and am grateful to G-d that I am reaching targeted benchmarks quickly and without complications. Marilyn, my heroine through this all, continues to be my guardian angel, greatest supporter, and wisest coach. I can never express in words how she is making my comeback greater than any setback I have experienced this month.

I should return back to the office in March but you may begin to see Marilyn and me walking up and down Virginia St. this week and then the Blvd as I build up in the next several weeks to 45 minutes of continuous walking.

After that, well, let’s say I look forward to getting back to the gym, to my Peloton bike, and most of all, to all of you.

A huge thanks to Marc Slotnick, Robin Peck, Ted Kanner, Steve Max, Steve Meyer, Arnie Hartstein, Gary Sheff, Sam Belsky and my dear father for keeping our services running. I look forward to joining you on Zoom as often as I can and, hopefully, in person soon.

I am so touched by all of your incredible notes and messages of encouragement and love. I will have a lot of time now to recover and will try to respond as best as I can.

Rabbi Harold Kushner spoke in Charleston years ago and he told me over dinner something that I will never forget. He said that in life, the way to always feel blessed is to imagine your life as a large cup; then mentally fill it with all the things you have but do not forget to include the things you often take for granted. When you do, you will notice how blessed you are and how full is your cup of life.

Illness is tough but it has offered me the blessing to remember what fills my cup of life today.

Skilled doctors.

Devoted Family.

Treasured Friends.

Faithful Congregants.

Wonderful people of all faiths and journeys.

The Divine Source of Strength.

My cup overflows.

With much love and gratitude,

Rabbi Victor Urecki