J  A  N  U  A  R Y   2  0  1  6

   3 1  R O C H E   B R O S .  W A Y       S U I T E   2 0 0       N O .  E A S T O N ,  M  A                  5  0  8  .  5  3  5  .  D  E  R  M  ( 3 3 7 6 )


Leera Briceno, MD
Amy Chang, MD
Viraj Shroff-Mehta, MD
Morayo Adisa, MD
Michelle Bush, MD
Lindsay Eminger, MD
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Dear Friends, 
It is hard to believe it has been 36 years since I began to serve as a dermatologist with the awesome responsibility for, and trust of, you, my cherished patients. It has been deeply gratifying to have played a role in the continued health of so many people. I take great pride in knowing I have helped in the care of individuals with diverse problems, whether by restoring a teenager's self-esteem by clearing her severe acne; relieving a young child's intolerable itching by controlling his eczema; reassuring a deeply worried adult that the brown spot on his face is harmless; or providing a senior with successful treatment for a potentially damaging skin cancer. 
Speaking of skin cancer, it is sometimes overlooked that dermatologists provide invaluable expertise in the diagnosis of many illnesses, including the life-threatening melanoma. It gives me deep personal satisfaction to realize that many SSDP patients continue to enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives thanks to the early diagnosis and treatment provided by the SSDP team. This responsibility often comes with a price not seen by others. Over the years, I have personally spent many sleepless nights worrying about my patients and hoping I have provided them with the best possible care. 
As I look back on my career, I realize I stand on the shoulders of many people who helped me get to where I am today. My parents, Ann and Milton Ritt, my wife, Melody, our daughters, Leigh and Samantha, all have sacrificed on my behalf and supported my endeavors as a physician. In addition, I would like to single out my esteemed teachers at the Brown University School of Medicine, particularly Drs. Charles McDonald and Joe Alper, whose knowledge and insight provided a solid foundation for my professional growth.
Last, I must mention the people without whom this practice would not exist. It took great courage in 2007 to leave the safety of our existing employment and embark on an uncharted course. We faced numerous obstacles and a few new, gray hairs along the way, but together, we never lost sight of our goal of creating a practice that provides excellent dermatologic care for our patients in a harmonious environment. My heartfelt thanks to Drs. Leera Briceno, Amy Chang, Viraj Shroff-Mehta, and the rest of the SSDP staff for their friendship and support over the years. 
Most of all, I'd like to thank you, my patients, for putting your trust in me. I leave with total confidence that you will receive the best possible care from my talented colleagues. To paraphrase the Grateful Dead, what a long, wonderful trip it's been.
With best wishes for your continued health and happiness,

Jay M. Ritt, MD


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