June 2017 Edition

Dear SBP community,


In June, Karen Ocorr and her research team made national news sending fruit flies to the International Space Station and Dr. Malene Hansen was promoted to professor.


Maximiliano D’Angelo's lab explains how a muscle-enhancing protein could stimulate muscle repair and regeneration, and may lead to new therapies for muscular dystrophies. Also a new study by Andrei Osterman addresses Vitamin A deficiency and its impact on gut microbes.


Our graduate school retreat “Using Collaborations to Enhance Your Research” gave our students an opportunity to discuss their research projects and the ways they are using collaboration to achieve their goals. We’re excited about BIO 2017 this month where some of our faculty are speaking, especially about an announcement that SBP and Salk plan to make. We’ll share that news in the next issue. Please review to learn more.



Perry Nisen

Fruit flies journey to International Space Station (ISS) to study zero gravity on the heart

Researchers at SBP announced six boxes of fruit flies will travel to the International Space Station (ISS) to study the impact of weightlessness on the heart. The study may help uncover therapeutics to prevent or treat heart conditions, both in space and on earth.



Muscle-enhancing protein could hold key to treating muscular dystrophies

A research team led by Maximiliano D'Angelo, Ph.D., shed new light on how nuclear pore complexes may be a target to stimulate muscle repair and regeneration—potentially leading to a new therapy for muscular dystrophies.

Vitamin A deficiency has an outsize impact on gut microbes

A new study co-authored by Andrei Osterman, Ph.D., addresses how the treatment of nutrient imbalances need to be considered from the perspective of the host and the host’s gut microbiota. 
Malene Hansen receives promotion to full professor at SBP

SBP is proud to announce that Malene Hansen, Ph.D., has been promoted from associate professor to the rank of full professor in the Development, Aging and Regeneration Program.

It's a "Great Idea" Dr. Sacco!

Alessandra Sacco, Ph.D., has been awarded a CIRM "Great Idea." The award was one of six that are part of CIRM's Discovery Inception Program to provide funding for great ideas that could impact stem cell research but need funding support to test those ideas.

Duc Dong, Ph.D., named associate dean of SBP's Graduate Program

Duc Dong, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Human Genetics Program, will now also coordinate the admissions process for SBP's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. As associate dean, Dong and members of the admission committee will identify students, and help place them with faculty advisors.

Highlights from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences annual retreat

On May 18-19, SBP's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences held its eighth annual retreat in San Marcos, Calif. This year's theme, "Using Collaborations to Enhance Your Research," gave our Ph.D. students an opportunity to share their research projects and explain how collaborators are helping them achieve their goals.

SBP Cancer Center open house draws huge crowds

More than 150 visitors came to learn about the intricate workings and challenges of aging research at SBP on June 8. It was an incredibly successful Cancer Center open house, open to the general public.

2017 President’s Circle Members

• Alagille Syndrome Alliance

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• Alexandria Real Estate Equities

• Laura and John Alioto

• Arcturus Therapeutics, Inc.

• Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

• Carolyn Armstrong

• Arnerich Massena, Inc.

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