Dear supporters and colleagues,
Requests come in every day for urgent needs not found elsewhere:
A bus pass to help coax a reluctant teen to attend school daily.
A special after-school activity that helps a foster child with autism.
A tablet so a lonely child can speak with his recently deported father...
By meeting actual needs like these, you instantly improve lives!
One child at a time. One need at a time. Right now.
A recent thank you from a struggling mom!
Seemingly small things feel priceless to those without:
"I'm so appreciative that you helped me get diapers and warm clothes for my children recently when I couldn't afford them.
I don't get paid unless I work and I missed a lot of days because my kids and I have been sick a lot.
Hopefully I will get back on my feet soon.
It's so nice to see there are people willing to help those in need.
I don't have family to turn to in emergencies.
I hope someday I can pay this forward and help others too."
"The opposite of poverty is not wealth.. it is justice".
Bryan Stevenson, founder Equal Justice initiative.
When front-line juvenile court attorneys or social workers see that a critical resource is needed that could truly benefit a child, they apply to One Can Help for individualized assistance
(which can often be provided in just 1-2 days) across MA.
This assistance reduces the need for foster care and shelter placements, and prevents unnecessary state intervention
when poverty barriers are what stands in the way of progress.
Professionals explain why this matters here.