I am certain all of you have heard about the tragic accident of the B-17 vintage aircraft at the Bradley Airport outside of Hartford, CT, which claimed seven precious lives and injured six affecting so many thousands of friends and families. I know this because many of you have contacted me as you are well aware of our close affiliation and friendship with Bob and Rob Collings of The Collings Foundation and new American Heritage Museum. The Collings Foundation owned the “Nine-0-9” B-17 as part of their “Wings of Freedom” fleet which travels throughout the US from airport to airport providing an historic and educational opportunity to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds.

You have seen the footage, watched the news stories and read the articles written about this catastrophe. Let me assure you that the Collings family is profoundly saddened by these events and is totally cooperating with the authorities. I know for a fact that each of these planes is closely inspected, serviced regularly and meticulously maintained to safeguard the public who have taken thousands of flights and had the thrill of their lives sharing in the history of these beautiful aircraft.

Please take a moment to reflect and say a prayer for all those who are affected and saddened by this terrible accident.


Bill Shea and The Ruptured Duck Family